Star Wars Humble Bundle 3 is full of stars, wars

It’s cold outside. There’s no kind of atmosphere. You’re all alone, more or less. But Humble want to let you fly far away from here. They’ve launched another Star Wars Humble Bundle full of fun, fun fun, in the suns, suns, suns. This time, the pay-what-you-want bundle has a couple of TIE Fighter and X-Wing games, some of the finest space pew-pew sims, along with your usual assortment of Jedi Knights, Rebel Assaults, Knights of the Old Republic, and so on. That’s a lot of pew for your pennies.

As ever, the pay-what-you-want bundle’s games are split across tiers, offering more as you pay more.

Paying at least $1 (about 80p) will get you X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter plus its expansion, the Galactic Battlegrounds real-time strategy games, and BioWare’s RPG Knights of the Old Republic.

Beating the current average price ($10.36/£8.40 as I write) RPG sequel Knights of the Old Republic II, Raven’s neat-o shoot-o-stabber Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, the Battlefield-ish Battlefront II, the prequel tie-in Starfighter, and the two Rebel Assault FMV shooters.

Pay at least $14 (£11.30) and you’ll get all that plus hack ‘n’ slasher The Force Unleashed plus its sequel, space shooter Rogue Squadron 3D, N64 port Shadows of the Empire, and the RTS Empire At War plus its expansion.

All of ’em are on Steam.

This seems like another of those bundles where the cheapest tier is the best, which is handy. It’ll be sold until February 21st.


  1. Gothnak says:

    I dunno what other people think, but i find the bundles of high profile old games a lot less interesting than bundles of low profile newer indie games. I’ve likely seen these games in the past and picked them up already (usually on CD-Rom!) whereas the indie bundles are interesting balls of joy i almost always buy.

    • Treners says:

      I’m sort of the opposite- my steam library is already full of interesting indie games I’ll probably never play, but these older games I’ve heard a lot about I’ll almost certainly try out. I think it depends on when one gets into PC gaming, I didn’t grow up with these games so it’s more interesting for me to go back and look at them now. If that makes sense.

    • MajorLag says:

      I agree, but I can’t be certain it isn’t entirely because of nostalgia. I was around when the very first Humble Bundle came out, which IIRC was around the same time as the first big Steam-sale-as-an-event happened. It was indie-game Christmas. For my money, it’s been a difficult standard to live up to.

    • ansionnach says:

      I often have the older games on floppy and CD already. Don’t have X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter yet, though, although the reason I skipped it is still there to an extent. Not really into multiplayer-only games. The expansion pack supposedly added a full campaign, if I’m remembering correctly. I’ve only finished the first X-Wing so I’d have to get through TIE Fighter and Alliance before considering the last (and least worthwhile?) campaign.

      • Det. Bullock says:

        It’s not multiplayer only, there is plenty of single player content, it’s just there isn’t a plot outside of the campaign introduced in the expansions.

        Hell, I didn’t even have internet access when I bought it and played it to death anyway before getting the expansion.

        There are both normal missions and “meelees” (stuff like deathmatch etcetera) and they are all playable in solo play. The Melees are excellent for when you have just a few minutes to play and want to scratch you Star Wars itch since they usually are timed at ten minutes or so.

    • ansionnach says:

      As for indie games… it really depends. The clearest criterion I have for excitement is if I have it in my head that the games are great. I’ve picked up many waste-of-time indie games in bundles already.

      The only good games in here by my reckoning are the two Totally Games sims and KotOR2 (definitely not the first one). I only lack XvT.

  2. RaoulDuke says:

    “But Humble want to let you fly, fly far away from here.”

    There is only one [1] fly in the theme tune. Great effort though.

  3. Config.sys says:

    Ah, fresh mango juice!

  4. walrus1 says:

    I heard awhile back that the GOG versions of the X-wing and Tie Fighter games were the ones to get and you should avoid them on STEAM. Is this still true?

    • Risingson says:

      I’ve been told that the versions in Steam were finally updated to the better ones.

      In any way, GOG is better.

  5. Matfink says:

    Doesn’t include the best game of the lot: Tie Fighter?!

  6. thelastpointer says:

    Alternative title: Oh my god, it’s full of stars wars!

    • GameOverMan says:

      All these games are yours. Except the Rebel Assaults. Attempt no playing those. Play them together, play them alone.

  7. haldolium says:

    I miss Star Wars Episode 1 Racer. That was quite the fun back then but still missing from the very selective, ever-the-same retro package.

    These SW-bundles are getting recycled in an almost quarterly fashion and personally I don’t care for much as JK series and Kotor, which I already own for years now somewhere on GoG and Steam…

  8. Rosti says:

    Hats off to Jon Kay / Fangamer for that t-shirt design. That is precisely my jam.

  9. cardboardcity says:

    Saying “pew” when you shoot makes the shot 2.4x more effective.