Bohemia blast Take On Mars out of early access

We’re talking away
I don’t know what
I’m to write I’ll write it anyway
Today’s another day to distract you
Gabbing away
Bohemia’s space sim looks pretty okay

Taaake Onnn Maaars
Take On Mars [official site]!
Ittt’s nooow ooouuut
Take On Mars!
I’llll beeee gonnne
With this sooong

It sends you to space
First with bots then time to blast people away
Slowly learning that Mars is okay
Sew some seeds
Co-op sandbox and got a story

Rob Zacny
Rob Zacny!
Had a go
Year ago
He was done
In a day or two

Oh the full launch is here
Lots is new but
Couldn’t say how good it is today
What’re all the things I’ve got to remember
This post isn’t going my way

Take On Mars
Take On Mars!
Ittt’s nooow ooouuut
Take On Mars!
Chorus come on
Help me please

Take On Mars
Take Mars on!
This drags on
Take On Mars!
It’s on Steam
Take On Mars!
Is this done?
Take On Mars!
Take Mars on!
Take On Mars!

Calgon, take me away!


  1. Rao Dao Zao says:

    So, how long were you Hunting High and Low for those parody lyrics?

  2. Cinek says:

    They must have finally went back to development. I played it early last year and it looked like an early KSP – basically a half-finished alpha version that still waits from most of the content, while for few months no patches were released, so I eventually gave up and uninstalled…. now I see that they started patching it in August.

    What’s the state of the game anyway? Is it good now, or still stinks with godawful interface and unfinished features?

    • enamelizer says:

      I think I have around 80 hours in the game between playing when it first launched into early access and very recently when the release candidates were released. So “I do not know what I want” probably applies in this case buuuuutttt…

      The game is not good. The career is divided into two chapters, robots in the first and manned in the second. The first chapter is the best, the atmospheric setting and exploration really gives you the feeling of being on Mars. However even this mode is ruined by a very slow pace and the repetition of launching rover after rover and doing the same experiments ad nasuem. It could have easily been cut down to half and would have still gone on too long.

      With the manned mission it is clear the game drastically shifted focus in order to chase the survival sandbox dollars, as well as implement “The Martian” story. A cool concept that is ruined by terrible controls and way too much fiction instead of science. At times I felt like I was playing octo-dad or surgeon simulator with the controls, but not in a fun way.

      The manned mission also suffers from great tedium, I spent so much time watching TV on a second monitor while waiting for my mining equipment to slowly fill progress bars. Everything in the game takes forever to complete, and there are often times that there is nothing else you can do but wait.

      The maps are fantastic, so if you are interested in exploring martian terrain, you may get something out of it. However the gameplay is just a test of patience from start to finish.

      • freedomispopular says:

        Too bad. I was looking forward to this when it was first announced, but it sounds like they veered wildly off course. Sad!

      • DFX2KX says:

        TOM never bothered me, becuase, really, that’s how I’ve always assumed one would play a martian survival game. I program the rover/set the mining equipment, and watch a movie on the laptop while checking in.

        Or a game for when I’ve got a migraine and can’t do much that’s faster paced.

  3. ariston says:

    Ah, the sun always shines on Alice’s posts.

  4. Shinard says:

    *applauds wildly*

  5. racccoon says:

    Even though it seems extremely challenging with a high complexity of existences, it seems to me to be a very amusing and a real brain puzzling game of survival. :)

  6. gabrielonuris says:

    Do they have the rights to make a The Martian game, or are they simply toying with luck? Does anyone know the details in that?

    • tranchera says:

      The game was announced in 2013, so while they’re pretty clear of any movie-based obstructionism… well, it’s a game about someone colonizing Mars. It’s not exactly copyright material.

      EDIT: Although it does seem they shifted focus from rovers to humans about half way through development, probably because of the movie. Either way, not really enforceable.

  7. Sunjammer says:

    I was so hoping this would be a direct sequel to Take On Helicopters.

  8. JuStX2 says:

    Early Access Should’ve lasted another 6 months to a year – instead we got news that it was releasing feb 9th – while others were celebrating what looked to be the end of a long road, I knew in my heart it would never work on such a tight time-table. TKOM deserves to be more than it is – but because of advertising and publicity along with a ever increasingly impatient Early Access Crowd it got pulled forward before it was truly ready; If there’s any remaining hope with this game it’s that the devs have promised that they will continue to provide updates to the game itself after launch – which needless to say is the only way their going to get things done now.

  9. neofit says:

    I don’t have much faith in this. BIS has one of the worse track records in the industry concerning bugginess and playability at release. While their flagship OFP/Arma games are getting patched to a decent level in time, the same cannot be said about their other games. Case in point, Carrier Command was abandoned rather quickly, and AI tanks still get stuck on empty bridges half the time. I’ll wait a few months before considering buying this one.