The Walking Dead S3’s episode 3 rising in March

Telltale kicked off The Walking Dead season 3 [official site] with two episodes at once, and if you’re into it I do hope you’ve savoured them. Episode 3 is due to arrive “later next month”, Telltale announced today. All they say about it for now is that it’s named ‘Above the Law’. But which law?

The law of the jungle? Jude Law? The law against robbing banks with guitars? (Follow-up: who’s at fault when someone is killed by death?) Sod’s law? One of my favourites, North Berwick Law? Arthur C. Clarke’s robolaws? I feel I’m only now understanding why law school is so expensive.

Our John was not a fan of season three’s two-part start. Wot He Thought is:

“It’s pure agony at this point that they’re re-running the exact same bloody plots yet again for a third five-part series, as if they weren’t miserably worn out before even Telltale scooped them up off the floor and blew off the crust and fluff. That they’re not even trying to take the slightest new angle belies a barren and bereft production not worth dragging your own mutilated corpse through.”

Goodness me! But he’s not even your fake dad, let alone your real dad. If you’ve shambled through the first two episodes, what do you make of it?


  1. try2bcool69 says:

    Steven Seagal’s Law, natch.

  2. dtbahoney says:

    I’ve enjoyed it so far, and am looking forward to the rest. Some Grumpy Asshole’s negative opinion notwithstanding. Shouldn’t you finish playing a video game before reviewing it?

    • Thirith says:

      While I have issues with John’s review of the first episode, I absolutely think it’s valid to look at the episodes that are already out and conclude that they’re not doing a good job. It’s a very rare book, TV series or game where the final chapter, episode or whatever form of instalment completely turns around the impression formed based on earlier parts.

    • Buggery says:

      Some grumpy asshole’s opinion of “it’s the same awful slog through the same awful systems with a dash of needless misery” is a pretty good reason not to play a game to be honest, and also represents the opinion a significant part of people who just can’t be bothered with Telltale games any more.

      Hell, I’m reading it again (what a review – such fire, such fury) and I’m hard pressed to see a reason to disagree with it. He even tacitly admits that if “more of the same” sounds good to you then you’ll probably disagree with him.

      • Longestsprout says:

        The problem with the review is that if you don’t belong to that same camp the review comes across as just a rant. Sure, there are legitimate points there somewhere, but they get lost in the noise. In the end you’re just left befuddled and pretty sure you disagree.

  3. Benratha says:

    Arthur C Clarke?
    For shame Alice!
    ‘Twas that there Isaac Asimov wot penned the Three Laws of Robotics…

    Cole’s Law is of course the best anyway :-)

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Didn’t find anything about Cole’s Law on wikipedia, but a lot about Coleslaw, which is of course the best anyway.

  4. mowseler says:

    Now if only my game would keep its save files between episodes :(

  5. realLizardboy says:

    I don’t understand where the criticism is coming from when the plot should be similar due to the fact that the game is “continued” from the 2 prior sessions. From my perspective as a counselor and psychologist, this series is a work of art and accurately depicts a strong little girl that has gone through a lot of crap. She is a great example of how, in my case, a little girl can learn to be strong-willed, BA, and kindhearted even through such horrible circumstances. I love that you clearly thought through Clementine’s character development based on the player’s choices.