What is best in life? Conan Exiles launches mod support

Mod support has arrived in Conan Exiles [official site], letting players futz with the guts of Funcom’s craft-o-survival game. A few hiccups aside, the developers seem pretty pleased with the launch, announcing that the game sold over 320,000 copies in its first week on Steam Early Access. That’s enough sales that “all development costs have been recouped”, they say. Goodness me!

If you fancy modding yourself, you’ll need to nab the Epic Games Launcher, which offers a custom Unreal Engine editor. As for what we can expect in the way of mods, Funcom say in today’s announcement:

“Anyone can now create and upload ‘mods’ to the Conan Exiles Steam Workshop, whether it’s small changes and quality of life improvements, or total conversion mods introducing new creatures, characters, and worlds.”

Ooh! Quite a lot, then.

Funcom add that official servers are now coming back online, having found a new host after taking ’em down last week due to poor performance. Conan Exiles does have offline play and player-run servers always outnumbered official ones, to be clear, but it’s good news for good children who only play in official play areas. Wouldn’t want someone to chase you with dog poo on the end of a stick. Though given that Conan Exiles has slavery, for all I know it may well have poosticks too.

Looking forward, Funcom say they’re dividing their team in two, with one group focusing on fixing bugs and improving performance while others work on adding new content.

Our John didn’t dig Conan Exiles when he played, annoyed with launch lag problems and suffering sandbox fatigue. It seems to be popular, though. It’s the 15th most-played game on Steam right now, with a peak concurrent playerbase today of 36,000. That’s especially impressive as another two survive-o-sandboxes are above it, Ark and Rust, and there’s hardly a shortage of competition.


  1. Danarchist says:

    I am actually enjoying the game after standing up my own server for it. I guess I don’t read reddit enough to know why I shouldn’t like it.

    I have been having a blast checking off my evil overlord to-do list:
    Name my character Drumpf and build a wall across the river with signs reading “No Stygians!”

    Capture and train numerous fully naked males and stood them around my brothers bed/spawn point for a hilarious surprise next time he dies

    Built a giant fort on top of the hand sticking out of the cliff wall and naming it “Fort HUUUUUUGE hands”

    Put a sign near my 3 wheels of pain that reads “New Manufacturing Jobs!”

  2. Seafoam says:

    I can obviously tell that the game’s modding community, if it takes off, will be incredibly sexual. As it is with Skyrim and Fallout, a game with full nudity and genital physics will gain a whole lot of mods of the same type but higher caliber.
    I’m just scared that if left unchecked, it all might devolve into Second Life-esque insanity. Brrr.

    • Captain Narol says:

      Second Life is not what you think. You should try it before making your own opinion, you would be quite surprised.

      • gwop_the_derailer says:

        And who better to show you the way than the McElroy Brothers?

        Allow me to lead you to Second Life, Second Chances:

        • Seafoam says:

          late comment, but in this series they run into serious problems trying to avoid NSFW stuff. You even see some uncensored furry penis at one episode. Case in point.

  3. snv says:

    ah i know, its a reference to this link to youtu.be

  4. SOC says:

    Refund Process started
    Hello all, the reason why we just dropped down on playing is simple and proofable.

    If the community doesnt grab there balls to set a sign that EA titles are not the “everything is allowed games” like publisher want to have them we will get overrun in the future with games like that.

    We got an EA title that is in his current state not playable. So we just got a discussion today to start the refund process or not. We means our growing community.

    Probably the first point is what is allowed in EA and what not. So we grabbed the most important reasons for a refund

    Quality Managment
    – quality management like all of us has been seen is a shame
    – official servers got shot down in case that they are not able to handle the game after EA release
    – the basic steps like stresstests for servers before getting them online are not done
    – proofing server stability isnt a magic thing in 2017

    Status of release
    – calculated risk to get in EA with the well known server problems

    Current progress/Status
    – not playable after 10 Days of EA release on official servers

    – its allowd to have bugs and performance issues /confirmed in EA
    – its allowed that the game doesnt have all the content promissed /confirmed in EA

    Reason for refund

    – it is not allowed to push out the game in the current unplaybale status
    – the payed service multiplayer is not useable/available since release
    – single player is the only working part in the game
    – the hint to play on unoffical like funcom told is ok but thats not what we payed for
    – probably also the unoffical servers having massivley performance issues
    – current status in the last 10Days officail serves down

    This will be pusblished on the most important community sides like facebook, twitter and a few more in the nxt days.

    kind regards Markus

    (we only grabbed the most important reasons for a refund because we like to keep this clear and short)

    • pantognost says:

      Good luck with proving that the game is unplayable. For the record. I am playing the game and it works as described in EA. I do not play multiplayer, even though I’ll try but still…the game is working.
      also the self indulgent “We” in a gaming site with only a first name signature (like we should know who Marcus is) demonstrates exactly the sorry state of the gaming community these days.


      • SOC says:

        It is fine to me when you just playing single Player and not tried multiplayer yet. But i bought a copy with the Option Multilayer/coop. Offical servers still horrible, unoffical also the same shutting down again and again and thats not what i call Quality.

        This release is a joke in my opinion.

    • doodler says:

      Man I feel bad for you. You spent all your time on this comment that no one will completely read because of the terrible grammar and formatting and you also think it will have some effect on this game and the world at large

  5. MajorLag says:

    Beer. Beer is best in life.

  6. SOC says:

    Trying to do my best to say “Stop with everthing is allowed EA releases” :-) We need minimum quality standards

    Minimum means to me if your are selling a multiplayer coop product you have to make sure customers can use this if not…good bye publisher go home and finish your work.

    If publishers are not able to test servers the same…good bye publisher…we need professionals not beginners.

  7. SOC says:

    Well we got the community manager in touch with us @ Steam and hopefully they will get this game running smoothly in the future.

    kind regards Markus

    • doodler says:

      Oh you mean they will continue to develop the game just as they planned and are in communication with you to let you know that this is a Early Access game and to expect issues?

      kind regard

  8. Pinga says:

    I don’t get it. The game already have penises. Why would we need mods?

  9. je says:

    Bigger penises of course! Also to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of their women.