The Foxer

Warm-Up Foxer (Where am I?)

I’m standing on a railway line. I’m at the same latitude as one of England’s highest peaks and the same longitude as the capital of a landlocked African country. I can see a green crane. The street I’m on is named after a Dutch city. I’m a 10 minute stroll from a monument to the victims of a 1970 protest and a mile from a WW2 destroyer. A man has just walked past me carrying two carrier bags.

Feature Foxer (Identify the collage theme)

* * *


Last Week’s Warm-Up Foxer

Answer: I was a rock hyrax (defoxed by phlebas)

Last Week’s Feature Foxer (25 Things That You Might Find in a Library)

1. SLNC silence (Stugle)
2. FNTS TCM RFX Fantastic Mr Fox (Gothnak)
3. RLLNGLD DR rolling ladder (Shiloh, Little_Crow)
4. BBLPHL bibliophile (AFKAMC, Stugle)
5. LDP P lead pipe (Little_Crow)
6. KLLL XC RSS Kill Alex Cross (Stugle)
7. RTSTHNS Eratosthenes (Shiloh)
8. DTS TMP date stamp (Stugle)
9. LNRT WTTY Eleanor Twitty (Stugle)
10. DFCTN edification (Little_Crow)
11. RST RCTDSCTN restricted section (Little_Crow)
12. PM LRVS Pamela Reeves (Little_Crow)
13. BKSTCK bookstack (Shiloh)
14. LRBS H Laura Bush (Little_Crow, Gothnak)
15. CLN LMSTRD Colonel Mustard (Little_Crow)
16. STRYTLLR storyteller (AFKAMC)
17. VCRN HN Evie Carnahan (phlebas)
18. RM TLF RND Our Mutual Friend (Little_Crow)
19. GT HR SN ND THQ CHFD TH Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death (AFKAMC)
20. MLVLD WY Melvil Dewey (Little_Crow)
21. THG RFFL The Gruffalo (Gothnak)
22. PL-TTTT* Tattle-Tape (phlebas)
23. KBD* audiobook (Gothnak)
24. DMN RGR* reading room (Gothnak)
25. RPPY* papyri (Stugle, Gothnak)


  1. AFKAMC says:

    Is that Bjork dead centre of the collage?

  2. AFKAMC says:

    Bottom left looks like a character from Camberwick Green (or Trumpton/Chigley) – Captain Snort?

  3. Little_Crow says:

    Movie poster bottom middle is for Hitchcock’s ‘Foreign Correspondent’

    link to

  4. Stugle says:

    The pin is from the Motorized Guard Brigade from Croatia.

    • Stugle says:

      4th Guards Brigade ‘Pauci’, ‘Pauci’ seems to mean ‘spiders’.

  5. AFKAMC says:

    The jet in head-on profile is a Lavochkin La-15 “Fantail”.

  6. AFKAMC says:

    Gil Scott-Heron to the left of Bjork.

  7. Stugle says:

    Warm-up Foxer: I’m standing near Rotterdamska 3 in Gdynia, Poland.

  8. AFKAMC says:

    I think the game icon top left is for Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile.

  9. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    The logo top right seems to be that of the Caloundra Sharks, a rugby league team from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Aus.

    • Little_Crow says:

      I think it might be the Sale Sharks.
      The homonym for a Windmills Sails might be a bit tenuous though

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        You’re right, the tail is a single colour, not white on top among other things.
        Either some graphic designers on different sides of the world had almost exactly the same idea, or someone worked out how to get paid twice…

  10. chuckieegg says:

    I think the warm is in Gdansk. There is a memorial to 1970 Shipworkers and a Green crane from 1444 close to each other. I just can’t find the carrier bag reference. Harrods?

  11. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    That’s Dame Judy Dench on the right, not sure what film/tv series yet.

  12. Stugle says:

    The flight coverall insignia looks like the WW2 Luftwaffe version.

  13. AFKAMC says:


    A fantail is a small windmill mounted at right angles to the sails, at the rear of the windmill.

    “Mrs Henderson Presents” tells the true story of Laura Henderson, an eccentric British socialite who invested her money to create the Windmill Theatre in London during World War II.

    • AFKAMC says:

      “Children of the Nile” was developed by Tilted Mill.

    • AFKAMC says:

      Windy Miller in Camberwick Green.

    • Little_Crow says:

      In Foreign Correspondent they follow the assassins to a windmill

      Bjork apparently lives in a windmill…

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      “Foreign Correspondent” featured a very large windmill apparently.
      There’s also a Windmill Tavern in Caloundra.

      Can’t seem to find any link between windmills and the 2nd Motorized Battalion though.

    • AFKAMC says:

      In the Netherlands, windmill sail positions are used to show mourning at national events, e.g. during the day of national mourning for victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. (See mrpier’s comment below.)

    • AFKAMC says:

      The windwheel of the Greek engineer HERON of Alexandria in the first century is the earliest known instance of using a wind-driven wheel to power a machine.

    • AbyssUK says:

      A windmill spider is the device that keeps the sails attached in the middle.

      “4th Guards Brigade ‘Pauci’, ‘Pauci’ seems to mean ‘spiders’.”

    • AFKAMC says:

      I guess the lines going round and round in the background of the collage are a clue also!

    • Stugle says:

      Alright, so the Luftwaffe coverall is actually a paratrooper jump smock, and the smock is also a type of windmill: link to

      • Stugle says:

        The first image on the Wikipedia link shows a smock mill with a fantail on the top, which makes the Foxer composition all the more appropriate. :)

  14. mrpier says:

    The airplane is from Malaysia Airlines, could be Boeing 777-200ER (same as flight 370?).

    • Little_Crow says:

      Looks like it might be flight 17
      Apparently in the Netherlands the position of Windmill sails are used to indicate mourning, as they did when Flight 17 was shot down

      link to

  15. Stugle says:

    The US Navy fields several patrol squadrons (VP), which have a variety of patches featuring eagles throwing bombs and missiles at subs, but I haven’t found an exact match for that logo at the top of the Foxer. Trying to see if any patrol squadrons were posted in the Netherlands during the Cold War, for a tenuous windmill link.

    • AbyssUK says:

      I don’t think the logo is a real one.. I’ve seen it somewhere before am sure I have in a game or film.. I thought it might have been from the film “Spies like us” but cannot source it…

      • AbyssUK says:

        I may be wrong i think the windmill link is JPOW (Joint Project Optic Windmill) missle defense.. ive found similar logos for it but not the exact one…

      • Stugle says:

        It looks like a mid-90s computer render – I’m reminded of Fallout, for some reason, so circa thereabouts. No idea what it’s from, but Optic Windmill sounds better than most options.

  16. Gothnak says:

    …Turns up after doing some shopping to see what’s left, sees a tidy room, leaves again…

    Good work all…