Make yourself at Rome: Caesar I and II now on GOG

The boys and girls at Good Aul Games have added the ancient ancient city-builder games Caesar and Caesar II to their roster of classics, along with their Chinese counterpart Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom which is less ancient (released in 2002) but still ancient (set 3000 years ago). For years, the only way to buy ’em was to track down a second-hand CD copy. GOG already had a bunch of Sierra’s city-building series on their ethereal shelves, including the later Caesars, so getting these old lads rounds out the collection. GOG are having a wee sale to celebrate.

You can get the whole Sierra crowd for around 27 dollars, for example. But they’re also putting it about that the whole genre has deals. I can see Banished for $2.69, oh there’s Tropico 5 for $3.24, and look, Evil Genius for $4.41.

But by gum there’s also this year’s Urban Empire for $18.18. For the sake of comparison, it’s currently $39.99 on Steam. Alexander thought the game was let down by its narrow and limiting view of history, and lamented that it didn’t give you more freedom to toy with time’s concrete blocks. But if you’re set on trying it yourself, you could do a lot worse than this price. Anyway, the sale ends on Monday, if you’re a bargain hunter punter.

Caesar, Caesar II, and Emperor are £4.19 each on GOG now.


  1. Sakkura says:

    My backlog says no, my nostalgia says yes. What do.

    • grrrz says:

      I know I could sink entire weeks into each of these games, so for my own sake, definitely no.

    • GameCat says:

      Will you download it and install immediately after buying?

      If the answer is no then do not buy it.

  2. goodpoints says:

    Not really much point in getting Caesar I or II: just get III; along with Pharoah and Zeus. Zeus was always my personal favorite because of how much character (gods and heroes running around) and humor it had.

    *click on theatre*
    “Has anyone seen my spear? How can I be a spear carrier without my spear?”

    • ilitarist says:

      What about Casear IV?

    • Canadave says:

      I’m not sure about that. The later games were definitely more refined, but I’ve always loved how Caesar II had the separation between the city, the province, and battles. The strategic and tactical stuff was all fairly basic, granted, but it still made for a nice change of pace.

  3. CaptainHairy says:


  4. Porkolt says:

    Having played all of the Impressions city building games, I have to say I still think Emperor is the best out of them. These games really did keep getting more refined as time went on, and each new game was an improvement over the previous one.

    • Landiss says:

      This is so weird. I loved the genre and I spent countless hours in Caesar games and especially Pharaoh, which was my favourite, but I have never even heard about Emperor. If it’s as good as you say, I must try it.

  5. Arkayjiya says:

    Hum, more importantly, Emperor is there? I mean it’s by far (at least mechanically) the best of them.

    I kind of dislike its tendency to give you a new town each chapter of the same campaign, but besides that, and as much as I am nostalgic of Zeus/Poseidon, it is the culmination of that franchise. Waaaaay better than Caesar (even the third one which I think is more recent than Emperor?)

    I was looking for emperor for so long, I super happy it finally got on GoG! It’s great news cause I had lost my key.

    • Arkayjiya says:

      edit: missed the reference to Emperor at the end of the article, too late for a clean edit ^^

    • Troubletcat says:

      Caesar 3 pre-dates Emperor (1999 vs 2002). Caesar 3 is ‘the one I remember loving when I was a bit younger’ but I picked up Emperor in the sale having not played it before and can confirm (after about 6 hours) that it seems to be the business.

      • Arkayjiya says:

        Right, I was talking about the last Caesar which is the fourth if I’m not mistaken. There were too many, I got them mixed up ^^

  6. Xiyng says:

    Excellent! I love Emperor, and I’m really glad I got the physical copy years ago. Now I had to get a digital copy as well, since the price was pretty good.

    As a minor correction, I’d like to point out that Emperor spans across a pretty long time period. I think it starts like 3000 years ago like the article says, but the last campaign seems to end in the 13th century, which is less than a thousand years ago.

    I’m kind of sad because of how much higher the euro prices are. Banished is 4,69€, and Tropico 5 is 5,79€. The ‘new’ games are 5,59€ each. To me, the dollar prices seem very cheap, while the euro prices not so much (not that they’re bad though).

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Does the currency difference really matter, since you can choose currency? I can choose between dollars, euro and Swedish kronor (SEK) and use SEK, because it doesn’t carry with it a currency exchange fee when using paypal (and it’s the cheapest, but not by much).

      • Landiss says:

        It’s not about currency. Banished is shown for 4.99 $ for me, not 2.69 $, as the article says.

        • nottorp says:

          Right. Either GoG is having a regionally priced sale, or the article is mixing pounds with usd and euros. Which is it? Very important for my trust in GoG…

  7. Vanderdecken says:

    A huge, huge chunk of my childhood was spent completely immersed in Pharaoh and Caesar III, and they prompted all my interest in that period of history. Replaying Caesar III right now and it’s still wonderful, 18 years on.

  8. Bullfrog says:

    A wee sale? I make enough of my own thankyou.

  9. kael13 says:

    Played the hell out of the Caesar III as a wee bairn. Would love to play the full thing.

    I’ve only got time for one of these, is the general consensus that Emperor is the best? Even better than Caesar IV?

    • Troubletcat says:

      Ceasar III is better than Ceasar IV. Don’t into Ceasar IV.

      Betwen Ceasar III and Emperor, both are good. Overall, with my nostalgia included, I’d pick C3. Emperor has better fine detail but the scale feels off. Ultimately it’s kind of a toss-up between the two IMO.

  10. Carra says:

    Caesar 2 was the first PC game I ever got. I remember going to the store and I could pick one game. I picked the, then already 2 year old, Caesar 2 up since I loved Roman history.

    And ah, I spent months playing that game. Such a difference from the Mario like platformers I knew from my Sega. You could run a city! See the houses grow. Make war on your enemies.

    I bought Pharaoh and played it last year, almost 20 years after playing Caesar 2. And it holds up remarkably well. Got me entertained for months again! Picking up Pharaoh, Zeus or Emperor is probably the better choice today.

  11. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Used to play so much Ceasar II in the elementary school computer room. Education!

  12. April March says:

    I remember having Caesar II as a wee boy. I remember there being a unsightly splotch on the game disk. I remember the game freezing every time I went to war, even if I chose the option to let it be automatically handled.

  13. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I got Caesar III on GOG a while back since that was the one they had and maybe it’s the better one, but Caesar II is the one I played back when (I think it was a demo) and just looking at screenshots now is making me nostalgic. That was a fun game.

  14. TheLetterM says:

    Can someone explain the appeal of Caesar I/II when you have Caesar III or Pharaoh? I’ve played many hours of Pharaoh, but I tried playing both of the oldest Caesar games and found them nigh-unplayable. Am I just spoiled for the more modern UI of Caesar III?

    Not trying to be snarky here, as I’m genuinely curious if there’s anything novel to be found besides nostalgia given how much slicker the later Impressions games are.