Watch the world end in Defcon VR’s virtual war room

If you fancy a break from watching the crawl towards nuclear annihilation live on TV, you can now jack into virtual reality and watch it sped-up in Defcon VR [official site]. Introversion Software today launched the free VR doodad, which lets goggheads enter a virtual war room to spectate matches in the nuclear war RTS Defcon. Our Adam will tell you Defcon is one of the best strategy games, and I… don’t disagree but don’t have the stomach to play again. Watching wars with your chums in cyberspace seems deliciously wicked and fitting for something so awful.

Defcon VR is a way to watch others playing, to be clear, not a way to play Defcon yourself. It already has a spectator mode but now this is here as a VR alternative. You get to pick a game then pop into a war room full of maps, globes, and monitors showing statistics. Dreadful, dreadful statistics.

Other players appear within the War Room as floating general’s caps with cybergoggles and two little controller hands. You can fling chairs and stuff around but do remember: no fighting in the War Room.

The Defcon VR prototype is free to download from Steam for Rift and Vive goggles.

Here, watch the Introversion gang larking about as the world ends:


  1. amcathlan says:

    “Mr. President, I’m not saying that we wouldn’t get our hair mussed, but I do say no more than 10…20 million killed. Tops! Uhm, depending on the breaks”

  2. unacom says:

    Is it just me, or does that candelabrum feel much too massive?
    I think that goes with everything else. It distracts from the “war” (read: screen). Except those desks. Those just look strewn around.
    I should like my war room to be a tidy, unassuming thing, were I ever to find myself in the tight spot of having to conduct a war from a position such as this.

    • amcathlan says:

      You mean…it distracts from “the big board”? I’ll make this about Dr. Strangelove if it kills me.

      • gunny1993 says:

        Gentlemen please, you can’t fight here, this is the war forum.

        • unacom says:

          “War Forum”, what an intriguing choice of words.
          You turn it from a highly orchestrated event into a free-for-all, no holds barred vulgar brawl.
          I´m not sure I still understand today´s youth.
          I´m old school. I tend to take it outside. Way outside.

  3. Seafoam says:

    The war room. Strange how everyone knows what it is. The US, and every single country has this giant table surrounded by these giant screens showing enemy troops and nukes. Of course the war room exists!… but it kinda doesn’t.
    It was all Dr. Strangelove.

    You know, when Reagan took office and was given a tour of the white house he asked where is the war room, but was disappointed to hear that there isn’t one.
    It’s same kinda thing like “mice love cheese” (they prefer almost any other food instead), its common knowledge, but kinda not true.

    • unacom says:

      Sure everybody knows it, because everybody visited it, some time or other.

  4. Durandir says:

    That’s cool and all, but what I want is a randomized AI-only mode that works like a screensaver or a background for Wallpaper Engine. I want a perpetual end-of-world scenario playing on my desktop at all times.