Ubisoft offer big list o’ For Honor bug workarounds

Hey, you. You with the war axe slung over all three of your jacked shoulders. How’s your stabbing going? For Honor [official site] launched yesterday — our Brendan will tell you Wot He Thinks of it after a shower, when can type without his bloody fingers sticking to keys — but the medieval stabfest has suffered a few technical problems. While Ubisoft poke at patches, for now they do offer a long list of workarounds (not fixes) for a number of problems, from controller problems to the game not even launching.

This forum post talks about known issues, which include Easy AntiCheat errors, the game not launching with certain early GeForce Titan X cards, gamepads not working, gamepads swapping buttons, the game stuttering when you’re hit, trouble with parties, problems with parties mixing players from all over the world, menu issues with 21:9 resolutions, and more.

They don’t offer fixes yet but do suggest possible workarounds for some. Some of these are practical. Some are irksome explanations rather than solutions, like suggesting you don’t play with people who have certain Internet configurations or live in other regions. Some simply have no workaround for now.

(I do like that the workaround for the game not quitting to desktop is to, er, restart the game.)

This is a known issues list, mind, so while it’s not great to see some of those problems, listing them is the function of this whole thing. It’s a step towards (hopefully) fixing them.

Ubisoft also have posts and pages with more information and solutions to problems of the game not starting, connectivity woes, and Easy AntiCheat errors.

How’s the game been for you, gang? How are you finding it? Have you murdered Brendan yet?


  1. kael13 says:

    Played the beta on the final day for an hour or two. Mechanically sound, however I wasn’t sure it would be worth the RRP Ubisoft wants.
    My frustration with the party system disbanding after games and the AWFUL AWFUL menu UI confirmed that I wouldn’t be spending my britbucks on brain bashing for the time being.
    I definitely encountered the controller button swapping bug; I couldn’t properly heavy-attack, but playing with the mouse wasn’t so bad.

  2. Agnosticus says:

    So I’ve played the closed and open beta and I loved the combat mechanics, didn’t like the 4v4 game modes that much. Still having some questions before I’m buying into the game:

    How about the campaign, is it worth playing? Is the coop any good? Is it just a glorified tutorial?

    Is there a competitive/ranked mp mode? And for which game modes?

    • grve says:

      The campaign is bog standard and only really worth it for the stupid microtransaction loot boxes you get for finding collectibles.

      Multiplayer is (still?) 4v4/2v2/duels with character levels, no cool-kid modes as far as I can tell.

      • Agnosticus says:

        What a bummer! Thx for the reply though. So no ranked multiplayer?

        • Ignorant Texan says:

          They plan to add ranked mp at a “future date”. Ubi says there will be quarterly updates, called seasons, and so I imagine ranked mp to hit after the first “season”. There still is shake-out that needs to occur with the P2P connection and possible class balancing. If the p2p networking is not reliable enough by May, I can see them exploring dedicated servers for ranked matches.

          Considering that UBI has shown a commitment to mp with their support for the Division and Rainbow Six: Siege; I am optimistic that I will grow bored before I quit in disgust over shoddy maintenance and broken promises.

      • Mrice says:

        You know what would have been a cool mode? The best modes are 2v2 and 1v1 because they show the combat the best and dont allow for ganking. But the biggest problem with them is the massive time taken before you can get into another fight, with the slow matchmaking and stuff.

        A great mode would have been some sort of battle royal mode, where the game pits 10 players in one on one fights, then lets the winners into separate rooms for more one on one until you get the two best fighters going off against each other. That way you might actually get out a decent amount of gameplay before you get dragged back into the horrible matchmaking.

        • Agnosticus says:

          A tournament mode basically, I like it! They said, that they’re updating the game with new game modes, so maybe it’s in the pipeline?

    • Anti-Skub says:

      I would go further than what grve said and say the campaign is god awful. Truly the shittest of the shit. Little more than just playing against bots in multiplayer with cutscenes in between. There are a couple of other activities like a horse chase and shooting a ballista…but they are so janky they actually make the overall experience worse. On top of that, the missions reuse the same maps several times, having you run through the same level in different directions on up to 3 separate occasions, which, in a game that only has 18 not very big levels (ie you could finish them in 10 minutes each if you didn’t look around for the obligatory collectables)…is fucking ridiculous.

      Which might have been alright if the story was any good, but it absolutely is not. It poses one single question, and it’s one of the most tedious questions ever posed by any narrative…”Is the guy in the huge spikey black armour and the skull mask who keeps killing people the bad guy?” You’ll work it out after the intro cinematic but the game will keep fucking asking if you’re sure for the next 18 missions were very little else happens other than you are attack places…for reasons the game doesn’t bother to offer.

  3. Pogs says:

    Yeah another bug filled PC launch. Thanks Valve and Ubisoft. Reinforces John’s article yesterday. The sooner Valve is consigned to history the better – they’ve become like any monopoly – completely indifferent to their customer to say the least – doing nothing to encourage/dissuade this kind of situation recurring again again in the PC games they sell.

    Down vote Valve – get off your piles of cash and do something you lazy gits. Fat chance I know. I hope Humble see this and take opportunity to do something positive for us PC gamers with their new publishing arm.

    • RaoulDuke says:

      What does For Honor have to do with Valve?

    • Leafcutter says:

      Exactly. I bought a copy directly from uPlay and also spent a 100 points to get £8 (20%) off.

    • Rindan says:

      It isn’t hard to figure out if a game is garbage or not. Just wait one fucking day after the game is released. One day. Do that, and you can read all about what problems a game might or might not have. There is no excuse for buying broken big games like this. That is a dumb decision you make.

      It isn’t Valve’s job to do QA on a game. Hell, Valve can’t do QA on a game. What do you think they should do, tell games they can’t release until Valve runs their own stress test to make sure that their game isn’t substandard? Seriously. There is nothing for Valve to do. The game works. It has broken bits. Some people want to play through it, others don’t. It isn’t up to Valve to decide how broken a game can be and still be on Steam.

      You can just do what I do, wait on one day, and see if the game is garbage. In this case, it is… and look! I don’t own it! I waited a day and saw that it was a mess. Amazing.

  4. Ignorant Texan says:

    Something I haven’t seen mention is that the slower, more deliberate pace of combat gives people with slower/ing reflexes an opportunity to compete/play on par with the twitch-kiddies. Er, or so I’ve heard.

    Plus, the executions never get old. Even when I’m the one watching my head roll around like a marble.

    • Kitsunin says:

      Yeah, compared to fighting games you don’t need as tight of reflexes or nearly as much skill in execution (which gets to be ludicrously difficult even in the most recent and casualized Street Fighter), but mechanically it’s similar to a surprising extent.

      As a fighting game fan, I’m really enjoying it. My main complaint is that the matches are too short and matchmaking is too long, with too many bugs. It feels like I’m not grabbing objectives because I want to win, but because I don’t want the damn match to already be over and get put into a different one I’ll get randomly dropped from halfway in.

  5. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    Spent an hour in the beta before giving up because of the multiplayer bugs. Four games in a row playing in a group with a friend, either he or I got kicked out of each one on a connection error. That’s annoying, but could be worked around- if the game actually had a way to drop out of a multiplayer match before it loads.

    Instead, you have go through the full character selection & loadout process, wait for the map to load and actually start, then drop out, totally screwing over the 3 strangers you got matched with. The whole process taking 2-5 minutes! (Or Ctrl-Alt-Del to kill it and reload.)

  6. Don Reba says:

    Played the beta for about 20 hours, and it was pretty fun. Aside from the matching system always pairing me with stronger players, never letting me win at all. Now returning to my real game single-player game backlog.

  7. JimmyLuka says:

    I played the closed and open beta of For Honor and I really loved the game. I like the idea that finally we have a wide choice of factions including Vikings, Samurai and Knights. Of course, mostly I like Vikings, since they are strong and has really great weapons. However, I didn’t liked the 4v4 at all… I strongly believe that some changes will be done. After all, for honor game can beacome one of the most exciting video games of 2017 and they should really do their best on improvements.