League of Legends adds long-awaited practice tool

Practice Tool

The promised Practice Tool for players looking to hone their League of Legends [official site] skills (and thus turn everyone into the next Faker because, really, access to a Practice Tool was the only thing standing between me and him) is now available on updated game clients and has an excellent announcement trailer.

You can find the tool under the Training tab once the client is updated. It’s a solo mode where you can either roam the Rift alone or add a bot player on the opposing team so you can’t co-opt it for 1v1 URF nonsense with your flesh and blood buddies (not yet anyway).

The tool itself lets you do the sorts of tweaking you’d expect. So you can fiddle with your character’s level, dish out gold in order to buy items for build test runs, reset jungle camps, reset ability cooldowns, spawn allied and enemy dummy fighters, teleport to locations – essentially everything you’d need to set up and then practice particular scenarios. I’ve made a super-quick video to show the hover-over tips for each of the options in case you want the full list.


  1. falchieyan says:

    It’s nice that they finally created something like this. It’s odd that they’re marketing it as the best, most useful thing ever, as last year around this time Riot was adamantly refusing to create sandbox mode with the argument that it would make the community and play experience much worse.

    • Xocrates says:

      “It’s odd that they’re marketing it as the best, most useful thing ever”

      Except they aren’t.

      The video is obviously meant to be silly, and the official announcement text remarks that it’s a way to test mechanics and map familiarity. In their own words : “As League gains more and more similarities to a sport, it makes sense that there be a place where you can go to shoot hoops!”

      They did backtrack on the “not making sense” though, but that was after reevaluation based of the response to the “not happening” statement. So it’s likely more due to popular demand than anything else.