Humble Freedom Bundle adds even more games

The Humble Freedom Bundle has added another seventeen games to the mega-bargain bundle raising money for Doctors Without Borders, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the International Rescue Committee. These additions aren’t names as big as some of the bundle’s founding games, like Stardew Valley and The Witness, but there’s some gooduns and good grief, it’s a whole lot of video games to get for putting $30 (or more!) towards good causes.

In more good news, the bundle has already blown past $4.5 million. Good grief! It’s still got four days left to run.

In bad news, Subnautica is now sold out so folks who buy now won’t get it. Super Meat Boy is out of Steam keys now too but it does still offer a DRM-free version.

Anyway! Here are the extra games added last night:

  • Ballistick
  • Beat Hazard Ultra
  • Chroma Squad (read Wot Rich Stanton Thought)
  • Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble (Kieron dug it)
  • Dusty Revenge: Co Op Edition
  • Grav
  • Guns of Icarus Online
  • JumpJet Rex
  • Luna’s Wandering Stars
  • Potatoman Seeks the Troof
  • Q.U.B.E.: Director’s Cut (read Wot Adam Thought of the original release)
  • Rituals
  • Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
  • Shütshimi
  • Super Galaxy Squadron EX
  • Team Indie
  • Timeframe (check out Wot John Thought)

More books and music and whatnot are now in the bundle too and I’ll not get into those. Sorry, but the only art form I recognise is video games. I turn off the subtitles, text, music, sound, voices, and graphics in every game I play. Yes, I’m tapping on my keyboard and clicking at a black screen but I can tell when I’m winning the game. Games is in my guts.


  1. neffo says:

    And yet, no Papers Please?

  2. Sleepery says:

    Subnautica’s gone off it, serves me right for waiting.

    • snowsurfer says:

      I committed the same mistake! :(

    • Leidan Wing says:

      Me too :(

    • Thulsa Hex says:

      Me three :( Didn’t notice until after I dropped the cash. Oh well.

    • MajorLag says:

      I’d give you my copy, since I have no interest in it, but I already redeemed it. I wasn’t even aware that bundle games could “sell out”.

      • Enkidum says:

        I think you can just send someone else the redemption code if it hasn’t been redeemed on Steam (which it can’t be, since you already own it). You could in the past, but maybe a recent update has prevented that.

        • MajorLag says:

          No, you misunderstand. I didn’t own it, and I did redeem my Steam code, so now I do own it. If I had not compulsively done that, I’d have been willing to give it away.

    • dahools says:

      Ai, me 5. Was waiting til Sunday to see what was going to be in it at the end. Most would sit in my library untouched aswell. Was interested in sub-nautica and the witness. I will probably still go for it in the end anyway as the witness alone is still as much as the bundle so its still a really good deal even if I probably won’t play many of the rest.

    • wyrm4701 says:

      “Humble Freedom Bundle adds some games, removes others”

      • davethejuggler says:

        I have both the witness and subnautica to gift, and no gamer friends. Whats the best way to gift them?

        • Askis says:


        • Enkidum says:

          You can get the gift codes on the bundle redemption page and send them to someone via steam messaging. If you felt like sending them to some random person you’ve never interacted with who wants both games, like, say, me, you would probably be renowned as the greatest person who has ever lived. I have the same handle.

        • Sin Vega says:

          Death games in the arena, obv.

  3. MajorLag says:

    In a way, I’m annoyed by this. Now my Steam library will be even more polluted with games I’ll probably never play, and should I decide to try something new I’ll have to look up each of these as I pass them to see if they might interest me, which they won’t of course or I’d have heard of them.

    That’s right. I’m so crotchety I’ve found a way to complain about getting free games.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      Honestly I felt the same way! I maintain a category in my library for games I need to play, a kind of to-do list to make sure I don’t forget new titles added. That list is currently 60 games long, I don’t even add everything to it!

      I mean it’s a good problem to have, but it’s definitely a problem.

    • ninjez says:

      Don’t worry – you can opt not to redeem the codes on steam, so it’s only your humble bundle that will have the games you don’t want in it :) No downside! :D

    • twaitsfan says:

      Just trade them on! I’ve gotten about 60 games I’ve actually wanted that way.

  4. slerbal says:

    ‘scues my language but this is fucking great on so many levels. My only disappointment is that the International Rescue Committee are not based on Tracy Island and don’t end every message with “F.A.B.”.

    This bundle makes me proud to be a gamer and to have been a games developer for many years.

  5. Josh W says:

    Wow, the opportunity loss is strong here, 20ish quid budgeted to other stuff, or a vast list of good games. I can justify it by looking at the ones I already own and pretending the other things don’t exist, but no, there’s a lot of good here. Oh, and none of these people are taking any money personally from this. So enjoy, you lucky “I have some disposable income right now” people.

  6. spleendamage says:

    I was going to donate to the ACLU anyway. So, this is a nice bonus.

  7. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Glad I picked this up yesterday despite my reservations. Now I have a pile more stuff that I don’t need. Woo!

    Good thing this weekend is a long weekend for me.

  8. Gothnak says:

    I have almost none on the list, but the only ones i’d play (that i don’t own) are:

    The Witness,
    Invisible Inc,
    7 Grand Steps,
    AI War,
    and now
    Chroma Squad.

    None of those are real must buys for me either, so I think it’s a pass.

  9. AbyssUK says:

    FYI, they seem to have added some more, including the System Shock pack with SS and SS2 Enhanced editions!

  10. ansionnach says:

    Nice to see you can choose other charities than the ACLU… but I don’t support these ones, either.

  11. ThomW says:

    What game is pictured at the top of the story. I remember playing it, but don’t remember what it was called. :)

    EDIT: Oh it’s Timeframe. That’s right! :D