Wotcha, Cherry Hogs: Watch Dogs drops London hint

When they kick at your front door, how you gonna come? With your hands on your head or tapping on your phone? Think on that, as Ubisoft are hinting that the future of Watch Dogs may have an interest in (ohh-oh!) London’s Brixton. The latest Watch Dogs 2 [official site] update expanded the ending cutscene with a recording of a conversation stating that hacktivist cells are bustin’ out all over, see, and it shows numbers which just so happen to be map coordinates pointing at Brixton. Yeah, I’d like to see Ubi continue the wild Hackers homage in Merrye Olde Londonne Towne.

Here’s the extended ending, as ‘Tubed by Frenzy:

“There are new DedSec cells popping up everywhere,” says one character. “The Middle East, South America, Europe. And not just them. We can’t even keep up with all the new hacktivist groups.”

If we take the in-game filename of that recording — 51.462014, -0.112504.wav — as map coordinates, they point at the heart of Brixton. Granted, those poor monkeys Shakespeare keeps locked up could’ve typed the coordinates entirely by accident, but it does seem something of a hint, doesn’t it?

It could also be hinting at a Londoner coming in Watch Dogs 2 DLC or something, mind.

As much as I want to see Ubi’s ha-ha-hilarious take on South London — perhaps run through Leake Street tunnel spraying graffiti and doing a parkour move named ‘The Lambeth Walk’ while grooving to grime — I’m most interested in the potential consequences of Watch Dogs going somewhere guns are far less common.

Watch Dogs 2 did add more options to play as someone other than a mass murderer but police, security forces, gangs, and other hacktivists were strapped to the nines and would open fire without a moment’s thought. Unless Ubi lazily said “Oh yes, now it’s the future and EVERYONE has guns,” a focus on melee and non-lethal combat could make for quite a different game.

Do have a butcher’s at Adam’s peachy thoughts on killing as the default action in open-world games.

That Watch Dogs 2 update also paved the way for the upcoming ‘Human Conditions‘ DLC by adding a few new areas to the world map, which you can already explore. Also in are new clothing, new emotes, new bug fixes, and new dances.


Check out the patch notes for all the deets on update 1.11.


  1. Ross Turner says:

    Much as I really enjoyed Watch Dogs 2, having guns as an option did seem both out of character and far less enjoyable than the option of sneaking in with your trusty drones. Here’s hoping that if there is something set in London, guns aren’t an option at all. Do the rozzers even carry guns in London?

    • DrollRemark says:

      It would be overdoing it to say that they do on any scale comparable to the US, but these days, even some of the transport police are armed. :(

      • Ross Turner says:

        Oh, that’s a shame, but not too surprising either. Don’t think it’s quite the same here up north, but I’m worried we’ll get there eventually. Anyway, video games! No guns when they’re not needed, please.

        • Mungrul says:

          It’s not very often mind you. You definitely don’t see guns on a daily basis, and I’d go so far as to say I see armed bobbies maybe 5-6 times a year in central London. I walk from Charing Cross to D’Arblay Street every day too.

          • DuncUK says:

            I would read into this that guns will still be in the game, but it will mostly be the police that carry them and not the P.C.. However, they need to make sure they don’t just replace guns with a non-lethal equivalent like the stupid ball on string or a tazer. If you’re going non-violent, do it properly.

      • JonWood says:

        I’d say transport police are the most likely to be armed after the ones guarding places like the Houses of Parliament, while it isn’t exactly common I’m also not surprised to see a few police with guns patrolling Waterloo station. I was quite surprised the day I went to my local Sainsbury’s to find a couple of police casually doing their shopping while carrying pistols, but that’s what you get for living near Heathrow.

        • Harlander says:

          The UKAEA Constabulary, aka the Nuke Cops*, used to guard the site I work at, and seeing them with their MP5s was a little disconcerting.

          *they may not actually be known at this

    • Mi-24 says:

      You see the counter terrorism police around bits of central london / stations but apart from that no, although there are armed response units technically. They mainly just carry emergency thermoses of tea.

  2. Mi-24 says:

    ooh this sounds great, I’m from south london (not quite brixton but very near) and I’ve really enjoyed watch dogs 2. I guess south london is a semi equivalent of san francisco in the kind of grimy, street arty ‘vibrant’ (something that tourist books say) way. That said assasins creed syndicate really butchered london as a setting, it just felt boring, but I have enough faith after the world building in watch dogs 2 to hope its fun to see whats what.

    Also yes they need to remove the guns, it is just way out of place and especially in london would just make 0 sense (even southwark) and it already felt massively at odds with the tone of the game.

    How realisitic was WD2’s representation of san francisco? It would be proper nice to drive around the area I actually live in.

    • basilisk says:

      Sort of realistic, but it’s kind of compressed with a lot of the samey bits removed. It doesn’t come anywhere near to containing the entirety of SF (notably, the distance between downtown and the Pacific beachfront is way shorter than in real life), but the landmarks are more or less where they should be.

      I’d say you’d get something like this if you asked a tourist, rather than a local, to draw a map of San Francisco. The neighbourhoods and general layout are recognisable, individual streets not necessarily and most of the parts that aren’t particularly interesting are gone.

  3. Junkenstein says:

    I wonder if this is the beginning of developers starting to re-use cities they’ve already built for other games. I’d be fine with that, it seems so much effort goes into these open worlds just for one game, and a game that might not live up to the world it’s set in at that.

    Imagine GTA in The Crew’s map….

  4. InfamousPotato says:

    As an American, I’d love to visit video-game London, which, while not as cool as a visit to real London, would be much more affordable.

    I also like the idea of making guns scarce, first, because it seems to me that games get more and more interesting as non-violent interactions are added, and second because their scarcity worked so well in Sleeping Dogs (even if you did mow down a few folks later in the game).