Let’s chatter over… Prey

Earlier in the week we ran both words and video discussing and demonstrating the first hour of Arkane’s upcoming shoot-o-explorey game Prey [official site], but today we’re doing both. Here’s the first of two videos in which I commentate as I play through said opening hour, pointing out some of the details you or I might have missed and generally chatting about how it all works.

I don’t generally do much in the way of video, so please excuse its relative ramshackleness and the fact that I don’t holler WHAT’S UP GUYS on a regular basis. Relaxed Dad Plays Games Dot Com.

Again, if you’d rather just watch the whole thing without some muttery European all over it, you can find that here. And all being well, part two of this will be up SOON™. Cheerio!


  1. Pich says:

    You didn’t call it Let’s Prey? You wasted the opportunity of a lifetime!

    • Arnulf says:

      relaxeddadplaysgames.com is still available, though (as of right now, I mean)

  2. TΛPETRVE says:

    The more I analyse the footage, the more interested I get. Yes, it’s derivative, and so flamboyantly so that I can’t help but assume it’s deliberate. This whole opening hour of Prey really feels like a massive pisstake checklist of “things that were complete bullshit in BioShock“. Just look at the bloody Talos-1 itself, it’s a motherfucking floating skyscraper. If that shit isn’t tongue-in-cheek, I don’t know what is.

  3. fray_bentos says:

    “and the fact that I don’t holler WHAT’S UP GUYS on a regular basis.” <tee hee hee

    • clockworkrat says:

      There’s something to be said for LPers who don’t get overexcited all the time.

      • heretic says:

        ChristopherOdd is a good one – his play through of SOMA and now Resident Evil are really good to watch, he’s invested in the game and serious about it – Alec’s style is in the same vein which is good imo.

        • clockworkrat says:

          That’s a lot of games he has played!

          He sounds like a nice chap – the sort I’d happily let play something interesting that I can’t be bothered to learn.

  4. heretic says:

    Only five minutes in but I really like this video. The sound from the game is a bit too low though?

    Anyway, your voice is nice and calm which is great when watching Let’s Plays :) you should definitely do more of these! Relaxed Dad Plays Games Dot Com will have my support!

  5. WombatDeath says:

    I see that Sylvester Stallone has got a cameo, which is nice.

  6. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:

    Rock Paper Shotgun trying to cater to the young folks.

  7. thinkforaminute says:

    Getting a real Half-Life vibe from the start of this game.

  8. Zach Fett says:

    You said “Deus Ex-y” quite a bit in the video and I kept hearing “Deus Sexy”.

    Genuinely surprised at how good this looks. It’s not Prey in any way still from what I’ve seen, and I wish they’d used a different title, but otherwise this looks really solid.

    Hope you’ll do a full playthrough of the game, Alec, I enjoyed your commentary.

  9. mercyRPG says:

    This game is junk for fast food eaters. Total desecration of the massively amazing Prey franchise.

    • clockworkrat says:

      Is that sarcasm?

      • Buggery says:

        But what about the rich lore and history of that one game that came out and that you can’t actually play any more and shares nothing with this apart from a name? Desecration!

  10. Klydefrog says:

    The voice actor for Alex Yu sounds like Benedict Wong to me