Packing Up the Rest of Your Stuff on the Last Day at Your Old Apartment has a self-explanatory title

When we were compiling our thoughts on the best apartments in games, Alice was disappointed that Little Party wouldn’t make the cut. That’s not because its domestic space isn’t one of the best around, it’s because that space is quite clearly a house rather than an apartment. And what a house it is. I played the game for half an hour and feel like I spent a long weekend there.

It figures that almost as soon as we published that feature, the team behind Little Party would release a game not just set in an apartment, but about an apartment. Packing Up the Rest of Your Stuff on the Last Day at Your Old Apartment [Itch page] is a first-person packing simulator. You collect the objects in your soon-to-be-vacated flat, place them in boxes, arrange them neatly, and then tape ’em up. Oh, and you’ll probably do a bit of contemplating along the way. I know how you are.

What I like about Packing Up the Rest of Your Stuff on the Last Day at Your Old Apartment is that it doesn’t make leaving the place into a big deal. You can, if you want to, staring out of the window and turning every object this way and that as you think about the times you’ve had in the old place. Leaving doesn’t seem like a big deal though. It’s a tiny little place, you’re moving somewhere else. End of story.

Of course, all of the objects you’re packing could have their own stories, if you choose to imagine them. Perhaps you’ll find there’s something evocative about that pair of bots, or the posters on the wall. Me? I was too busy playing box Tetris. In real life, I’d rather extract my own teeth than pack boxes neatly but give me a game about packing and it turns out I’m determined to get things just right. I did take breaks to watch the trains rattling by outside the window though, wondering what was happening at street level.

I’ve been living in my current rental home for eighteen months now, which is the longest I’ve lived in a single building since I was eighteen years old. During one three year period, I moved every six months, starting fresh as soon as a lease expired. That’s made me very good at leaving but it hasn’t improved my packing skills any. Truth be told, if this fictional house was mine, half of this stuff would end up in the bin.

Packing Up the Rest of Your Stuff on the Last Day at Your Old Apartment is available via Itch for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can choose your own price (including free).

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  1. Treners says:

    Mm. Might give this a go. I’ve developed an odd ritual with “last days” in flats. I always stay up all (or nearly all) night the night before I leave, doing odd bits of packing, watching films, eating a last takeaway from whatever slightly rubbish place I was near at the time. Could just be my tendency to get very attached to places though. Even though I’m often moving to a much nicer place, or, sometimes, back home (which is nicest of all really).