Dragon Quest Heroes II will slime PC too

Square Enix have announced a PC release for hack ‘n’ slash action-RPG Dragon Quest Heroes II [official site], which previously they’d only confirmed for PlayThings. It’s a spin-off from Dragon Quest, taking that RPG’s setting into hack ‘n’ slash action made by Dynasty Warriors developers Omega Force. I believe Dragon Quest Heroes is a bit more RPG-y than most of Omega Force’s games but is still ultimately about mashing through hordes of enemies – which is grand if you like both slashing and those adorable happy slimes. Here, have a look in this new trailer:

Dragon Quest Heroes draws together characters and monsters and all that from the DQ world for a new quest to save the world. Form a party, grab weapons, and go hack ‘n’ slashing. The cartoon-y Dragon Quest style is a little weird in such megaviolence but those slimes do have a dark side, don’t they?

New to this sequel is multiplayer, with co-op missions for up to four players.

Dragon Quest Heroes II is due to hit Steam on April 25th.

If you’re into Omega Force’s Warriors style of game, hey, a new one based on the manga Berserk just came out and a new Samurai Warriors is coming to PC in May.


  1. Aysir says:

    Omega Force had another RPGxWarriors game – Trinity on PS3 – that was a great game. Dragon Quest Heroes 1 was not. Terrible story, awful UI (text that types out, and if you skip it, you cancel the next option) and full of nothing but escort/defend missions. Hopefully the next one takes a page from Trinity’s book and actually tries to be an RPG, not a faux tower defence game. Either way, glad more games like this are finding their way to PC.

    • Kitsunin says:

      Can’t completely agree. Yes, objectives were the pits. The UI sucked.

      BUT, the gameplay was miles above any other Warriors game (that has come to PC at least). Each character had a well defined set of moves rather than just having 50 of the ****ers. The tower defense-ish options meant there was actually (light) strategy to how you handled things, more than “push the front until defense becomes necessary”. 4-Character switching also meant it didn’t go stale with quite the insane speed at which the recent Warriors games have for me.

  2. NYmasajista says:

    If you like musou games DQ Heroes is worth a try to see if you like the gameplay changes to the formula. If you like musou games and have ever played a DQ game try this because the visuals and music are totally DQ.

    The gameplay additions of summons and spells was fun for me and the friend I traded it to after playing it. The story is serviceable as its an RPG-themed musou game, not an RPG. This sequel having coop is what makes this a day one buy for me personally and its cool that its coming to PC so more people can play it.

  3. LewdPenguin says:

    Looks interesting, although possibly not enough to force its way into the already incredible backlog of games I’ve yet to play.
    If only the main DQ series wasn’t tied up elsewhere and came to PC, that would be another matter. I’ve only ever been able to play 8 (I think it was 8 that came to Playstation) and it was fantastic, not being able to play other entries without investing in hardware just to do so has been rather annoying, seeing them one day migrate to PC lands is one of those longstanding dream scenarios for me.