A collection of dishonourable acts in For Honor

The murderfields of For Honor [official site] are busy – despite the god-awful networking – and it has become a place where all sorts of foul multiplayer deeds occur. It’s obvious now that Ubisoft called the game For Honor as a joke, because I have seen (and done) all kinds of dishonourable acts. Here, in handy visual form (warning: many GIFS!) are just some of the terrible or stupid things that can happen in any hard-fought battle. Things you can do to your foe, things you can do to your mates, things that can be done unto you…

The old ladder slide

My faithful friend.

Death(s) from above

“I am a GOD,” you think briefly, and then you die.

Fancy a 3v1?


He’s reviving his friend! Think of something!

Hiding behind your mate only works if your mate isn’t being thrown at you like a sack of fertiliser.

Q. Are you losing a fight?

A. Ledges.


Bumped like an old forum thread

When you charge at your foe so hard you phase right through them

Raider definitely OP

“Bringing a bear trap to a spike pit”

It’s a real phrase.

Nice of you to drop in

Hahahahaha seriously thank you I was about to die

It’s not fighting dirty

It’s efficiency.

Can love bloom on the battlefield?

No. But dancing can

So there are these gates, right…

And they are horrible

Shadows and dust

You can accept your fate but that doesn’t mean your enemies won’t argue over who gets to be executioner

Becoming a turncoat

Celebrate a team mate’s death with enough conviction and the enemy won’t attack

Until they do…

“sorry bud”


  1. vorador says:

    Valhalla does not appreciate turncoats.

  2. Seafoam says:

    For Honor is one of the most ironic names in recent memory, because for what I’ve seen it has the least honor in pretty much any game.
    From its business model, gameplay, community, metagame, everything is designed for self-gain and striking below the belt.
    Name almost anything about it and you will notice these qualities.

    • NarrowCentury says:

      I dunno, could it be said that a dishonorable system named after honor is a statement in itself? To be honorable isn’t mechanically encouraged, so if you do it, you do it because honor is, in itself, desirable without any additional carrots.

      Or it’s just a weird choice of name, I dunno, I haven’t played it.

    • Blad the impaler says:

      So it’s honour among thieves then. You know, for their honour.

  3. darkath says:

    For Hodor

  4. thekelvingreen says:

    Four Candles

  5. emro says:

  6. TheDreamlord says:

    The amount of HUD stuff on the screen looks unbelievably annoying. The sheer quantity of it and the constant flashiness. This seems to be a common issue with most Ubisoft games and I truly think the company needs to hire some decent UI talent.

    • Abacus says:

      I’m tired of this kind of UI design too. It’s so devoid of character, instead opting for the same flashy ‘graphic design’ we’ve seen in so many games lately. Just look at how bland and inoffensive the UI for both DICE’s Battlefront and Battlefield 1 are. These are two games that take place in vastly different settings yet their UIs and menus do nothing to help convey the setting. Instead you’re looking at slick, clean UIs that while clear with their information are devoid of originality and look like they belong on a smartphone rather than in a video game. Ubisoft, DICE, EA, and 2K (Mafia 3) need a serious rethink.

      • Antongranis says:

        The ability to convey information is by far the most important task a UI has. Who cares about style if it does just that. Just look at fallout 4/3/ new vegas. Stylish UI, but not very useful.

    • Doomlord says:

      Looks great to me. Functional yet conveys the info you need. Maybe you’re too used to Minecraft or Terraria?

    • nullward says:

      FYI you can toggle all UI elements on or off in the interface menu — though some of them are grouped weirdly, which means you may be giving up a lot of info at once.

  7. vahnn says:

    Despite its many, many, many flaws, I absolutely love the piss out of this game.

    Vikings take round 1. Raider/Zerker 4 lyfe.

  8. mitthrawnuruodo says:

    Oh… mutliplayer gamers. Scum of the earth.

  9. Farnbeak says:

    I’d prefer we had this sort of a post for DS3 back at its release, or some other game with more interesting genuine player interaction layered on top of its mechanics. All of these gifs (except the last 2) show specifically predesigned actions/outcomes, even stuff you are explained and shown in the tutorial.
    Whats the novelty here? (Hasn’t For Honour had enough of a marketing push?)

    Sorry if I sound like an old man (who has played this game).