River City Ransom: Underground resumes retro beatings

The old-school biff-bopping of a beloved NES beat ’em up has resumed with the release of River City Ransom: Underground [official site], an official licensed revival. It bleeps! It bloops! It barfs! It is, to refresh your memory, a scrolling beat ’em up with a touch of action-RPG as a group of plucky heroes kick the living heck out of badguys. I’m still delighted seeing how elaborate and acrobatic some of their moves are. Peep this:

Developers Conatus Creative partially funded Underground through a Kickstarter in 2013. Here’s what they now say about the finished game:

“Many years after vanquishing Slick on the school rooftop, Alex and Ryan must take to the streets again. Help a new crop of fighters defeat the hordes of River City, and clear their name in a sinister kidnapping plot. You’ll earn money, unlock moves, and upgrade your skills in a sprawling city on the brink of total chaos. This modern take on an old classic features over 500 unique street fighting moves, dozens of weapons, secrets galore, and a bonus arena fighting mode.”

Oh, and it has cooperative and competitive multiplayer, in both local and online flavours.

River City Ransom: Underground is out on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux at £11.99/15,99€/$15.99, thanks to a 20% launch discount. Conatus plan to share information on how to mod the game once they’re done with the fuss and bother of the launch.


  1. shoptroll says:

    Not to undermine Conatus’s work but Arc System Works has been making new games in this series for the last few years on 3DS and PS4. Most of the non-sports games haven’t made it out of Japan with the exception of last year’s River City Tokyo Rumble :)

    I’d like to think this project and the Kickstarter demonstrated that there’s still interest in the franchise in the West so hopefully this does well and we get more of the games localized.

  2. gou says:

    Despite steam store saying full controller support, only the most recent are (joy2key or similar required). Controls are not displayed anywhere except the rebinding screen (and the default layout is just insane). Even the basic flurry combos from tapping attack need to be unlocked first, unlocks gated by level as well as money. Ambiguous move descriptions left a lot of us scratching our heads, some are not working at all. Item select button does nothing.
    It is a real mess, which is a shame because there is potential somewhere beneath it all

    • conatuscreative says:

      This is good feedback, thank you. We have ideas to improve the Move List UI. What do you think is a better default layout?

  3. Voar says:

    I was one of the people chomping at the bit on the 28th for the release and stayed up half the night playing. Not disappointed this game is a blast.