Rogue Trooper, world’s finest 7/10 game, gets a remaster

Huh. Big day for blue people. I’ve long wished that venerable Britcomic (and home of Joe Dredd) 2000 AD would take another shot at sticking its best characters into videogames, and I say so no merely from wishful thinking, but also because they did it rather well the last time they tried in earnest. Rogue Trooper was a Good 7/10 third-person action game developed by 2000AD owners Rebellion back in 2006, starring a vengeful blue dude with a talking hat, gun and rucksack. I’ve always been fond of it, and now it seems I’ll get to play it again as whatever a ‘redux’ version turns out to be.

Rebellion have declared that this remastered version is ‘coming soon’, and targeting various consoles including Nintendo’s new Switcheroo as well as PC, but there’s no sign of a screenshot yet. We do get this here teaser video, but it’s mostly logos and comic art.

Rogue Trooper, or Rogue to his undead, electronic friends, is/was a vat-grown Genetic Infantryman, trekking across a ravaged Nu-Earth in search of the traitor general who got all his mates killed. His mates how now live on as chatty implants in his helmet, rifle and backpack.

Rogue’s something of a 2000 AD perennial – this was them basically doing Commando-style war stories, but with, naturally, far more violence and a delectable post-apocalyptic setting. Though more recent stories never seemed entirely sure what to do with ol’ blue bonce, the 2006 game made the smart decision to effectively turn his years-long hunt for the Traitor General into one self-contained tale. It paired this with solid action/stealth mechanics and some neat gimmick powers and, despite its vintage, it holds up pretty well today.

It holds up pretty well visually too, as I found out when I ran the thing in 4K a while back. Which rather begs the question of what this Redux version actually does. Compatibility and high-res optimisation, sure, but I don’t know that it really needs much more. Maybe they won’t do much more, even, and this is more about a repackaging in the wake of Rebellion’s sudden decision to start licensing 2000AD characters out to games than anything else. Show ’em how it’s done, and all that.

Surprising, exciting news. Ideally we’d get a whole new Rogue game, but maybe this will open the door to that if it does well enough.


  1. thatdosbox says:

    Huh. This has been in my wishlist for years, but a remastered version might finally persuade me to buy it.

  2. geldonyetich says:

    Becomes a 10/10 game.

    You ruined it, you mad men!

  3. Syrion says:

    I think I played this for free on GameTap back when that was a thing and enjoyed it a lot. “7/10” all the same, but to me it felt very fresh. I think to me it was a “generic third person shooter” back when they weren’t so generic, and despite other games of its class I felt it was well polished and “just worked”.

    I’m really not sure what made them redux it, though. I don’t really see it earning much appeal today, and like you said I don’t think there is all too much they could improve unless they completely remake it.

  4. The Sombrero Kid says:

    Massively under appreciated, I’ll take the remaster but I’d love a sequel.

  5. Kingseeker Camargo says:

    Not owning a console, I didn’t even know what Gears of War was at the time, let alone the whole cover shooter genre that was being born then; so for me Rogue Trooper was a tremendously original take on the third person shooter, and I wondered for some time how it wasn’t more popular.

    Still, generic as it was in retrospect, it was indeed just about the best 7/10 game of all times, and sometimes that’s just all you need. Could have used a more challenging difficulty, though.

    I wonder what exactly is the whole redux thing. I suspect slightly higher res textures and maybe some fancy lighting effect here and there.

    The PC version is *really* broken, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they scrapped it altogether when they realize how many problems it has.

    • kalirion says:

      I don’t remember having any trouble with the PC version when I played it on a WinXPx32 machine somewhere around 2010.

      Most refreshing part of the game – no boss fights! All the big baddies taken out in cutscenes!

      • Kingseeker Camargo says:

        Yeah, I had no problem with XP either, but it seems to break with post-Vista versions of Windows.

        My memories are kinda fuzzy, but aside from having to edit ini files to enable certain resolutions and whatnot (which is somewhat common for older titles), I remember an issue where the game would default to the language of your OS, but in some cases (in Spanish, for instance) you would end up without any text, for some reason. The solution to this involved hunting down specific files to replace the original ones, which had you buying a game legally and then pirating parts of it to even make it run. A ridiculous problem, to be sure, but one that does happen with several games.

        Still a fantastic game, though.

    • Marclev says:

      alone the whole cover shooter genre that was being born then

      The genre existed long before then on PCs. It was called “The Ctrl Key”.

  6. keefybabe says:

    I’d replay it.

  7. Guy Montag says:

    Oh, happy day! I haven’t actually been able to replay my copy for years, due to how broken it is, as mentioned above. 7/10 days are here again.

  8. dethtoll says:

    Years later and it’s still one of the finer generic action shooters of its day.

  9. gummybearsliveonthemoon says:

    A pretty enjoyable game overall, I will give it that. Though not having read 2000AD comics, I don’t know how it holds up against its source material. But, yeah, kinda fun! Not sure I want to replay it, but I guess that depends on the cost…

  10. AshkEl says:

    I’m a longtime 2000AD reader, so happily jumped on this game when it originally released. Rather enjoyed it too, a solid action game.

    It just had one feature that annoyed me no end, it autoreloaded if there were even a few rounds missing from your mag and you stopped firing for a few seconds. And discarded the remaining rounds in the mag.
    This in a game that had you carefully scavenging materials and crafting ammo and kit from your GI backpack. Actually a great feature at the time, since this was before every game came with crafting as standard.
    I feel that in a game where resource management is a thing, forcibly discarding the player’s precious resources is….not the best idea.

  11. aircool says:

    Gotta love these 7/10 games.

  12. Rao Dao Zao says:

    Is there a red-skinned companion called Rouge Trooper?

  13. tomimt says:

    That was pretty solid 4/10 teaser though.