Desync is out with combo kills and neon glare aplenty

Circle-strafing, leaderboard-climbing, backpedalling, shooting-enemies-into-traps, combo-killing FPS Desync [official site] is now out, offering those throwback cool murders and more in a garish neon package. Here, pop on your shades for this trailer (no, really, you might want to – it’s all a bit much, especially with the scanlines):

I’ve only just noticed, watching that trailer, that at some point in development Desync’s faked scanlines switched from horizontal to vertical. Does that make this game pinstriped? How very professional.

Desync doesn’t look to have quite the pace and megatoughness of 2016’s bestest best game, Devil Daggers but, y’know, I’m glad someone is still making video games for babbies. Desync even has levels, for the dear little lambs who require things like that in an FPS.

Supposedly its score system track metrics “including mobility, situational awareness, accuracy, mouse movement patterns, attack variety, and more,” which is curious. Scores often track the side effects of those – awareness and good mouse movement mean you kill faster and more accurately and can take less damage, obviously — but not the raw elements. I suppose if you’re really up for honing a run, that could offer plenty to optimise. My hypothetical scoring system would include bonuses both for looking directly at explosions and for walking away from them like a cool guy; anything between staring and posing is disrespectful to explosions.

Desync is out on Steam for £9.34/12,74€/$12.74, which includes a launch discount for the first week. It’s made by The Foregone Syndicate and published by Adult Swim Games.

I’ve not had a crack at Desync yet myself because I’ve been busy winning knife fights in Night in the Woods but this is very much on my list.


  1. haldolium says:

    I was looking forward to DESYNC but sadly it isn’t much fun. Technical issues aside (I got occasional micro hangs, but nothing major and stable FPS otherwise), the controls and overall feedback is lacking. Enemies spawning directly behind you while you’re running backwards into them, since there was no proper sound or at least none you could locate properly. Plenty of small delays between weapon switching, reloading, no real feel for range or speed of most interactions (increasing the FOV makes it worse). Quite the typical “indie unity template shooter” if I would be blunt. All the effects seem a bit too much, or rather can distract from needed information.

    It’s not really *bad* but lacks the extra round of tweaking and polishing. I guess a few things are gettig patched, but for the core gameplay I don’t have much hope.

  2. VN1X says:

    I’ve been enjoying it so far but it does suffer from a few odd design decisions what with the enemy spawns, jump height, and lack of proper explanations of… well, anything. It could also do without all of the visual effects on the text as I can’t really read any of it without squinting very, very hard.

    Aside from a few issues here and there it’s been a blast though. The soundtrack is killer and its hilariously difficult. Here I was thinking I was good at shooters (CS:GO Global Elite represent!… 3 months ago) but this game is just absolutely destroying me. So much so that for me it’s probably the most difficult shooter I have played in years.

    Can’t wait to dive back in and desync (sync?) some neon coloured motherfuckers!

  3. Treners says:

    Goodness me but what an ugly aesthetic.

  4. MajorLag says:

    Sadly this is single-player only. That’s a shame, since it looked like it could be fun at a LAN party.