Mirage: Arcane Warfare spells out closed beta plans

The swords and spells of Mirage: Arcane Warfare [official site] will be swingable and castable in a closed beta starting March 27, available to all pre-order peons. In case you didn’t know (you fool) it’s pitched as Chivalry with magicians. The same developers of the medieval stab-em-up have added splurts of colour and silliness to their sword-fighting mechanics to make a multiplayer combat game where not only do you need to guard incoming mace blows, you also need to watch out for spells.

The closed test will be around in a “long-term format”, in other words it will be playable nearly up until the point of its release later this year. Here’s what Torn Banner are throwing at you in the beta, like a brick to the head.

Six playable character classes ranging from the ghostly Vypress assassin to the hulking Taurant, all with customizable magic ability loadouts and hundreds of voice emotes

First reveal of new character, the Entropist – a jolly, portly mage imbued with terrifying, often hilarious powers who rides a flying carpet and wields a magic staff

10+ maps available throughout the Beta period, each playable in multiple game modes including Team Objective, Point Capture, Capture-the-Flag and more

We’ve seen lots of footage and demonstrations of the fighty spellcasting, including feats of strength and grumpiness from the Vigilist class and nasty dual-wielding swordplay from the Vypress class among others. But none of us have had a go yet, so it’s hard to know how it feels. And in any melee-focused slicer, that’s what really matters. With any luck, we’ll let you know. You’ll be able to pre-order yourself on March 27 for $29.99 and access to the beta. But don’t do that, you muppet.


  1. Reefpirate says:

    “hundreds of voice emotes”

    I’m sold. I never heard about their voice plans for this game, but I’m convinced that the voice emotes from Chivalry were a big part of what brought me back for hundreds of hours.

    If you can’t win or have a good round, at least you can heckle and goof-off with voice emotes.

  2. LennyLeonardo says:

    It’s Arcane Warfare, he said as everybody glared and wondered who invited him anyway.

  3. somnolentsurfer says:

    Disappointed this isn’t the Magic Carpet remake it looked like from the cover image.

    • yer taffin me says:

      Yes! I was thinking exactly the same thing. Magick in that context I would definitely buy. But do we really need yet another “sword & sorcery” game? I think there might’ve been more than one? The whole reason I liked Chivalry was because it stripped out the Harry Potter rubbish from the medieval setting and for that reason it stood high above the masses.

    • Farnbeak says:

      Oh man, among all the old games series being unraveled and remade/tampered with, I wish someone would notice and pay the effort to do something in the vein of Magic Carpet.
      Been dreaming about it since 95