The Electronic Wireless Show – IGF Special #1: Sci-fi

It’s time to use to our radio voice. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show has historically been our not-very-regular podcast where we gather to tell each other how wrong we are about videogames. But this month it has mutated into something different. In the lead-up to this year’s Independent Games Festival, we interviewed a whole bunch of developers, all of whom have been nominated for some kind of award this year. We’ll be talking to them about sex, politics, and other things we’ve never understood.

In part one, we’re talking science fiction with the makers of Duskers, Quadrilateral Cowboy and Event[0]. Click onward to listen here, or find it on Soundcloud directly.

Just listen to that happy music (it’s by RPS chum and contributor Jack de Quidt). Please note that the awards ceremony is this very evening, so you might already know the winners by now.

We’ll have another episode of the IGF Special up this week and two more for you next week, where we’ll be talking to more creators of games like Virginia, Hyper Light Drifter, Orwell and a posse of others. We’ll soon be bringing them to iTunes and other services as well, so look out for that.



  1. caff says:

    Woo, RPS goes all modern with soundcloud :)

    Really looking forward to the Virginia chat. One of my favourite games of last year, utterly brilliant.

  2. Seyda Neen says:

    I’m in love with your intro music.

  3. JimTheReader says:

    Anyone know how to get the old podcast? none of the link works anymore. Even the cancelled reboot(shotcast) is not available.

    • Person of Interest says:

      I’m also scrounging around the Internet for copies of the old podcasts. No luck, apart from two MP3’s scooped up by the Internet Archive.

      Maybe John has them stashed away somewhere and would be kind enough to re-post?

    • bonuswavepilot says:

      For that matter is there anywhere to get the new podcast through RSS of yore? I’m of the curmudgeonly variety who still reads ‘Cloud’ as ‘someone else’s computer’.

  4. bigmagnet says:

    Can I listen to this without spoilers for their respective games?