Ghost Recon Wildlands post-launch plans include PvP mode and a big dad

While Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands [official site] might seem sooo serious about its imperialist fantasy, apparently Ubisoft are saving some cracking japes for DLC. A series of missions will have players poke at something called ‘The Unidad Conspiracy’, which I can only imagine is a supernatural entity composed of hundreds of dads twisted and merged into one flesh. Clad in a vast cardigan, the Unidad lumbers across Bolivia telling those naughty drugmen it’s past their bedtime. I imagine that even the Ghosts eventually face daddification and must fight back. That’s probably it.

Oh, and Ubisoft also plan to release a 4v4 PvP mode in a free update, and two paid expansions, and… the point is, imagine that giant dad! He’s going to be amazing.

The PvP mode will be free, team-based, come “a few months after launch”, and- that’s about all I can tell you “More information about PvP will be available at a later date,” Ubi say.

But what if you’re sick of this awful money in your pockets, a wad of cash so whopping it pulls your shorts down and people in the street laugh at your bare bottom? Ubisoft have you covered there too!

They’ve announced a DLC expansion pass and its constituent add-ons. Two big expansions are planned, which will be available one week early to folks who buy the season pass. That always seems such a petty way to nudge players into buying the pass. The pass will also throw in some boosters, outfits, a minibus, and other odds and ends.

Anyway! The first big expansion will be Narco Road, which Ubisoft say has a “more eccentric tone” with a dozen missions that “will give you the full spectrum of narco life”. That two ends of that spectrum seem to be driving fast cars and murdering people. The expansion will also add new vehicles, weapon skins, and side activities. Fallen Ghosts, the second expansion, will see the Ghosties on the ropes as their evac chopper is shot down and they’re tracked by a group of mercenaries. New weapons and skills will be in along with that.

Here, this trailer looks at ’em both:

The season pass also covers The Unidad Conspiracy [Mate, come on: you wrote ‘Unilad’ -ed.], which is a set of three missions. Neatly, folks who played in the closed or open beta and buy the game before March 31st will get those for free. Because who would want to miss out on hunting this big dad? His name is El Comandante, I know for a fact, and I’m fairly certain I’m correct in guessing he’s actually hundreds of dads formed into one massive dad, like the meatgolem in final battle of Helldriver but with a lot more tense silence. Sorry for the spoilers, gang!

Ghost Recon Wildlands is due out next Tuesday, March 7th. DLC will… follow? Ubisoft haven’t confirmed a price for the season pass but, given that the Gold Edition including it costs an extra £25 and is listed as having a £10 discount, I’d guess maybe £30 or £35.

I’ve just learned that ‘Unidad’ is Spanish for ‘Unity’ so wow, Ubisoft snuck a pun into the name too. Amazing! Dads love puns!


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  1. grimdanfango says:

    During trips to Mexico, I've frequently seen reference to an entity they call "Piedad", often with a seemingly religious reverence.
  1. Bing_oh says:

    I’ll be honest, announcing DLC before the game is even released leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It makes you think this was content that could have been in the full game, but the publisher decided to cut off into “extra content” to make more money.

    • OscarWilde1854 says:

      Sometimes that’s the case… but on the flip side, having an idea doesn’t make something fleshed out enough to be put in the game… also it sounds like a lot of this DLC doesn’t really ‘fit’ the themes of the base game. So having it separate makes sense for thematic reasons AND polish reasons. I’d rather not have this content than have it added to the game and feel out of place or unfinished.

    • Archonsod says:

      Cutting content from the game would only give sufficient DLC for a couple of releases. That doesn’t sell season passes. Ubi’s preferred method is to have two or three decent sounding DLC’s at launch with the promise of more to come, which in my experience seems to translate as “we’ve put together a couple of new missions and an expansion, after that we’re leaving the interns with the code to see what they can come up with”

    • Flopper says:

      Well considering the open beta was awful and the game already shipped during open beta, they have a lot of work to do with post release patches before the game is even any good.

      Anyone who pre orders anything from Ubisoft has either never dealt with the company before or is a glutton for punishment. Just wait for reviews. It’s going to be a shitshow.

      Except IGN. They’ll give it at least an 8/10. They’ve released like 10 promotional videos in the last month. At this point it’s an insult to critics to call their review anything but a conflict of interest.

    • Sabbatai says:

      I’ll never understand this line of thought. Or perhaps no one has explained it well enough to me.

      What if it was developed right alongside the main game? So long as the content in the main game is worth the purchase price, what’s the problem?

      My job COULD pay me four times what they pay me now. I’m not upset that they aren’t though, because they pay me well as it is.

  2. Blackcompany says:

    Its unfortunate that this is about as close to an objectively bad game as its possible to get outside of a Bethesda title.

    The AI is dumb. The vehicle handling terrible. The helicopter flight controls should never have passed QA. The Teammate barks are mind numbingly intelligence insulting. I mean, soldiers yelling “Shitballs.” Really, Ubi? That’s COD levels of terrible. All this, and the actual shooting isnt that great either, with forced use of a manual button to change hands on the rifle for shooting from behind walls and such, weak feeling weapons, etc.

    I gave the Beta an honest go. I wanted to like the game, as it seemed like a cool idea. But honestly, its just…uninspired and from a technical standpoint…pretty awful. I wish that werent the case but it really, truly is.

    • GernauMorat says:

      Also, yet another game where you play as an unaccountable government death squad.

      • Blackcompany says:

        Yeah. Cant believe I forgot to mention that part of it, as it did bother me. I mean, The Division is completely, utterly out of touch and tone deaf as it is. Adding this to that is…it just feels sort of gross to even play the game.

        Ubi needs to let the real world/Tom Clancy obsession go. Their insistence on grounding all of their games in our world, but adding in fantastical levels of violence, gun play and death without any of the consequences our world insists upon, is going to be the deathknell of their company.

        There’s this weird dissonance between the tone of their games and their setting, and where it used to just drag them down a bit because they were basically historically fantasy anyway, the modern world setting enhances it until it just feels gross to even participate in their violent fantasies any longer.

        • wengart says:

          The issue isn’t really the dissonance but the lack of imagination and straight up poor gameplay. There are plenty of games that fully commit to whatever setting that they are placed in but the kinda mediocre Ubi games don’t do that. They feel very phoned in.

      • MrUnimport says:

        But I like playing as unaccountable government death squads.

    • Premium User Badge

      subdog says:

      The stealth play felt particularly weak. If your teammate is detected, good luck trying to stay hidden- once they’re in alert mode you may as well be standing out in the open, completely ruining the tactical experience.

      Like the time I was completely still, prone, surrounded by foliage, behind a tree and a large rock, in the middle of the night, in a rainstorm, 15 meters away from anyone else. But my squadmate forgot his silencer, so of course three sicarios started unloading on my position without so much as a flashlight pointed at me. What a shitshow of a game.

      Edit: that’s in addition to clunky/crashy performance, awful vehicle controls, trite open-worldisms, unbelievably gross premise and even worse characters

    • Troubletcat says:

      I’m guessing people’s mileage will vary a lot with this depending on how they approach the game. I agree that the vehicle handling is atrociously awful but that was my only major gripe with the game.

      Played the beta with a friend on max difficulty in 2-player co-op. We both like stealth games and got a fair bit of enjoyment out of trying to figure out how to sneak into the various locations.

      Wasn’t bothered by the teammate barks but I can’t honestly say I noticed them at all – guess I tuned them out because all the communication that mattered was happening over VOIP.

      The shooting’s not great but I found it at least on par with other games like Uncharted that get a pass. Kind of helped by the fact that we weren’t doing a whole lot of it since if we messed up the stealth we’d usually both be dead pretty quickly. Didn’t find that the weapons felt weak though – the SMG that you start with, even with its suppressor on was taking out the armor/helmet enemies in a split second if they were close by and the sniper rifle you get very early on is a OHK to the body against pretty much everyone.

      As for the tone and story… I dunno, I find that kind of hyper-jingoistic machismo bullshit in games more funny than I do jarring or disturbing. Mixed with the ludicrous nature of driving tiny compact cars up and down mountainsides, the mild jankyness and the inherent comedic value of stealth gameplay in general it all felt pretty light-hearted to me.

      I can see how it would be a total bore in single-player and what little of the story I paid attention to did seem to be garbage, but I wasn’t playing it for the story or for single-player – I was playing it as a co-op stealth playground, and in that sense it was pretty fun.

      Gotta say I do hate UbiSoft’s business model though (pre-order to get the deluxe edition at the same price as the regular edition! also there’s a separate pre-order bonus that’s only for pre-orders! also buy the version with the season pass as a pre-order! pre-order! PRE-ORDER!) but I’ll probably pick up the base game at some point in the next few weeks anyway. Wasn’t amazing, but it was fun enough to have another bash in I thought and it’s not like there are very many stealth games like this with co-op.

      • Foreign Winter says:

        If you want a game with a similar vibe i recommend aragami. its a stealth coop game for 2 people. Its ok with one person but its amazing with 2 trust me.

  3. jester says:

    Video doesn’t work for me in the USA but this one does: Ghost Recon DLC Plans

  4. natebud says:

    Gonna have to ask for the dimensions on that dad. The size of parental figures is a great influence on my purchasing decisions.

  5. vahnn says:

    Only thing that has this game even on the edge of my radar was the possibility of pvp like the good ol’ days. No longer.

  6. Hyena Grin says:

    So this is increasingly becoming a thing where a deluxe/gold/season pass will give you an ‘XP Booster’ or equivalent.

    In the case of GRW it’s a permanent XP boost.

    This kinda bothers me, especially in a single player or coop game where your progress through the skill tree is part of the content. I can understand why someone may just want to get through the game as quickly as possible because they lack the time to play, but at least personally, I don’t want the game to become easier because of an XP boost. A game that, from the looks of it, is the sort of game you complete and maybe mess around in once in a while. It’s not like Payday 2 where you are constantly grinding ranks.

    • Troubletcat says:

      Yeah, another thing UbiSoft does sometimes that really bothers me is “Pre-order to start the game with a ludicrously overpowered weapon that you won’t get an equivalent of through normal means until many hours into the game!” (Watch_Dogs and IIRC Splinter Cell: Conviction both did this).

      Wait, so my reward for early support is something that breaks the intended balance of the game? Err… thanks?

      • Hyena Grin says:

        Ugh, yeah. That bugs me too, and it’s super common. Tons of games do that, it’s particularly bad in RPGs where they dump high powered gear on you. At least I can just choose not to use an overpowered item in a game though (I’ve had to do that in a ton of games).

        I can’t find confirmation whether the season pass XP boost is optional or not, however. Which is what really irks me. I am somewhat tempted by the season pass/gold edition, but not if I can’t avoid the XP boost.

      • Foreign Winter says:

        well if you dont wanna use it then dont. they dont force you to use overpowered weapons dude. Its like when I used to use scripts on payday2. people would say “dude cheats make the game boring, theres no challenge with godmode” but tbh spawning and then leading a swat team instead of having your heisters was actually really fun.

        My point is just because you can make something unbalanced doesnt mean you have to

        • Troubletcat says:

          …so you ruined an online game for other people and that’s your argument in favour of pre-order bonuses that break game balance?


          • velgopie says:

            Well you aren’t really ruining the game for anybody else if you’re just enjoying it by yourself or with your group of friends. I’m assuming they’ll at least try to balance the “special pre-order” weapons for PvP, but who knows

  7. grimdanfango says:

    During trips to Mexico, I’ve frequently seen reference to an entity they call “Piedad”, often with a seemingly religious reverence.

  8. Derty says:

    This game is such a letdown as a Ghost Recon game. If it had been called Farcry: Special Forces or something I think it would have been more forgivable. As it stands it’s just a culmination of old Ubisoft ideas thrown together in a shiny new looking package.

    • Troubletcat says:

      To be fair, the last Ghost Recon release that lived up to the name was Island Thunder in 2002.

      It’s sad that the tactical shooter is a dead genre and has been for at least a decade, but it’s not really ubisoft’s fault that audiences wanted more instant gratification.

      • LANCERZzZz says:

        The public’s response to this game is a perfect example of why they don’t make tactical shooters anymore. Give people an open world, complete freedom as to how and when to approach any given mission, and what happens? You will see that rather than play slowly and methodically and tactically at the highest level of difficulty, people will sprint around and shoot everything that moves, like Far Cry, then complain that the game is a bad Far Cry rip off. It’s what happens now that gamers are more interested in trying to get 100% completion as quickly as possible (so they can move on to other games in their vast steam-sale-stocked libraries) rather than immersing themselves in a game world and trying to get understand the developer’s intent.

        The way F.I.S.T. plays is the way this game was meant to be played. Of course, half the people you show this to will say “I could’ve beat that mission twice as fast as those guys without playing tactically.”

        And that is precisely why no one makes tactical shooters anymore. Because the reality is that most gamers don’t really want them. Ghost Recon Wildlands is more tactical than GRAW and Future Soldier combined. Either people have forgotten about the linear, CoD experience those games were, or they have forgotten that the original Ghost Recon games focused on wide open maps that gave you the freedom to choose how you would complete your mission; just like Wildlands. Or they prefer a linear, hand-holding experience to a game that doesn’t tell you what to do or how to play it.

  9. Blacksilver65 says:

    I’m so on the fence about this game. It looks fun until I read the comments people have, but even then… It still looks kinda fun for coop shenanigans.

    • Foreign Winter says:

      i was playing the beta with 3 friends and we found one of these×299.jpg lying around. named it the pedo van, had 3 of us in the back (no windows so ai cant see you) and had the 4th guy push us off a cliff in a dozer into a military base

    • velgopie says:

      Honestly I personally quite enjoyed playing this game largely for the coop shenanigans, Vehicle controls are a bit iffy at times and if you play the game tactically as it’s meant to be played then it can be quite good for that. It is fairly pricy and so I would recommend having a group of friends all willing to buy it and maybe watching some gameplay once it comes out to see if it would suit you. We’ll see how much they improve the game when it comes out :D

  10. Darth Gangrel says:

    “a supernatural entity composed of hundreds of dads twisted and merged into one flesh” That sounds like the dad version of a Vozhd from Vampire the Masquerade. You fight a few individual Vozhd in VtM Redemption and perhaps we’ll see or hear more about them in future VtM games.