Styx: Shards of Darkness trailer shows off co-op kills

Cyanide Studio’s stinky goblin stealth sequel Styx: Shards of Darkness [official site] nicely polishes ideas of the first game, our Adam thought after he played a preview version, but there’s one new feature he didn’t get to touch: co-op. Shards of Darkness will introduce drop-in, drop-out two-player co-op and if one goblin is a master assassin, two can be legendarily murderous. With the game out in a fortnight, publishers Focus Home have released a new trailer showing off a few co-op cool murders. Have a look:

Some of those carefully-coordinated takedowns are pretty neat! I’m guessing there’s also a fair bit of fun to be have in muffing it up and scrambling to recover while your pal cusses you out over Skype. Focus say that “every level and mission is playable in coop”.

Let’s go back to some of Adam’s words after his time with the vomiting little git:

“Behind all the silliness, there’s a serious stealth game though and it reminds me of Hitman more than anything else. There’s a similar farcical element to the improvised escapes and murders that follow detection, and the level design encourages experimentation, even in the smaller confines of the level I played. Stealth games often move slowly, with lots of creeping and clinging to shadows, but Styx spends a lot of time clambering on ledges and using his weird little tools (acid and fungus and those horrid clones) to cause merry chaos. You can sneak and observe, clocking patrols and figuring out how to kill guards and hide their bodies, but the whole game is structured to encourage a playful approach.”

Nice. Styx: Shards of Darkness is due out on Tuesday, March 14th.


  1. Halk says:

    Hmm, looks interesting, but it appears it will be a Steam-exclusive — at least on release.

  2. Benratha says:

    Hi Alice. The video would appear to use some kind of magical trickery known sometimes as a ‘controller’ (most likely from those Playstation people)?
    Could you or Adam, or anyone who has played it care to comment on how it fares with a keyboard + mouse combo?

    • Holderist says:

      I played the first game with kb+m, and it was smooth.

    • Vinraith says:

      You do realize that the use of controllers on PC long predates the existence of every Playstation console, right?

  3. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    I like co-op, I like stealth, I like gobbos and I like Styx… but those pop-culture reference jokes were dire.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Styx and stones may break my bones, but pop-culture reference jokes will never harm me.

  4. Cvnk says:

    I really wish Styx was a silent protagonist. The dialog in the cut scenes in the first one was so bad.

    • Premium User Badge

      Oakreef says:

      “When I walk into a lion’s den it’s to fuck a lion.”

      Maybe it worked better in French :P

  5. zeep says:

    All the dialog is horrible in the video.