The Foxer

Warm-Up Foxer (Where am I?)

I’m standing in the middle of a rather unusual crossroads. I’m in a country with four official languages. I’m five miles from a famous prison and roughly the same distance from a famous hotel. Beneath my feet is a busy expressway. This place was once a swamp. There are five South American countries at this latitude. I can see a Hawker aircraft and some red and white gates. Vehicles here drive on the left side of the road.

Main Feature Foxer

The 127-cell honeycomb below is a fancy form of wordsearch in which every cell is used, and words can curl and zigzag but never overlap. Each hive foxer has a unique theme – the last one was ‘violins’ – but Roman respects the defoxing community far too much to disclose it prior to defoxing. What he is prepared to tell you is how many words you’re looking for. The perfectly interlocking solution to today’s puzzle is made up of 20 words.

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Last Week’s Warm-Up Foxer

Answer: I was Saint Isidore the Farm Labourer (defoxed by skink74)

Last Week’s Feature Foxer

20. F R E Y A – She assisted the Luftwaffe during WW2 (Matchstick)
19. B R E D A – European small arms manufacturer (Rorschach617)
18. P R A D A – Asturias fell despite his best efforts (Little_Crow)
17. P R O D I – 20th Century Italian PM (Matchstick)
16. P R O V O – Member of the Irish Republican Army (Stugle)
15. S L O V O – Important figure in the anti-apartheid movement (Matchstick)
14. S L O O P – (A) Bigger than a corvette, smaller than a frigate (phlebas)
13. P O L O S – Archaic crown (Rorschach617)
12. T A L O S – First-generation naval SAM (Matchstick)
11. B A L O O – Jungle Book character (Stugle)
10. V A L O R – De-anglicized courage (Stugle)
09. V E L O X – RN destroyer that served in both world wars (Little_Crow)
08. B E L O W – Führerbunker survivor (skink74)
07. B E L L A – Entombed in a tree circa 1941 (Little_Crow)
06. T U L L A – 19th Century river remodeller (unsolved)
05. T I L L Y – British Army pickup (Matchstick)
04. H O L L Y – IKB’s favourite shade of green? (Little_Crow)
03. H O L U B – Wrote late but great Hundred Years’ War war poem (Little_Crow)
02. R O L U X – Maker of cute French microcars (Matchstick)
01. R E L A X


  1. Little_Crow says:

    E1 starts BUTTERBEAN
    Might be my only contribution as I’m out with the missus going to a boardgame pub and I’m getting in trouble defoxing

    • unacom says:

      Thank you and have fun. We eagerly await you grabbing the fox from our maws next week, then.

  2. unacom says:

    e2 looks like WORM to me.

    • Stugle says:

      But the ‘m’ of WORM also could be the beginning of MURDER…

      I think I’m out of this one. The word searches are my weak spot and the ‘Where Am I?’ warm-up is frustrating me as well. Left-driving locale on the same latitude as five South American countries suggests it must be on the same latitude as Colombia-Venezuela-Guyana-Suriname-French Guyana. Southern India, Thailand, Malaysia fit those two categories. Trying to search for a Hawker airplane in Kuala Lumpur turns out to be a fool’s errand, though – too many food vendors.

  3. Zogg says:

    The warm up foxer is the RSAF museum in Singapore.

  4. KarolisLive says:

    KPE (Airport Rd) just north of The Air Force Museum in Singapore?

    • phlebas says:

      Looks like it – you beat me to it!:
      link to

      Singapore is built on swamp, they drive on the left and have 4 official languages and this crossroads is about 5 miles from either the Raffles Hotel or Changi Prison.

      • Stugle says:

        And that exact site seems to be a crossroads of a street and a taxiway (unusual), and there’s an expressway in a tunnel underground.

      • KarolisLive says:

        I was thinking Marina Bay Sands, but they’re close to each other :)

  5. Gothnak says:

    There’s a FANG at k9. Most K9s do have FANGs after all.

  6. KarolisLive says:

    A1 Horcrux
    C3 Auror
    C7 Owlery
    E1 Butterbeer
    E2 Wand
    E8 Wingardium Leviosa
    H2 Muggle
    Theme: Harry Potter?

    • Gothnak says:

    • unacom says:

      Wow. I was looking at military operation names, because I spotted STRANGLE at H1. But I´m not good with words.

      • The Bitcher III says:

        I wonder if The Foxerer knows quite how much these torment some of us.

        I got to ‘things you might find in a ring’ (Butterbean the boxer, Stool, Worm).
        Then types of bait – Worm, Chub, Lure, Live.
        Then more broad fishy stuff – Tuna, Drain, Rock, fisher.

        I think I’ll stick to The Times Xword for the moment!

    • Gothnak says:

      K8: NIMBUS
      K9: FANG (Still makes sense with the Potter)
      M4: FILCH

    • Stugle says:

      Shared credit on the warm-up Foxer, a full third of all the word searches AND deciphering the theme? And all that in the span of forty minutes? I bow in the presence of a master. :) I don’t recognize your handle: if you’re new to the Foxer, I must say you’ve made quite the entrance.

  7. SpiceTheCat says:

    C7: OWLERY