Blackjack meets Street Fighter 2 in Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition

It’s exciting to realise that we are living through blackjack’s greatest resurgence since the golden days of Vegas and Monaco. 21 is back, baby, with some 2017 twists. Last month, that Resident Evil 7 DLC filtered blackjack through our desire to be dismembered by cannibals. Now, a fondness for remembering things from the ’90s (do you remember the ’90s?) sees blackjack meet Street Fighter 2 in Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition – The Card Warriors [Steam page]. Actual game. No joke. It’s blackjack with the trappings of Street Fighter, and it is now out. Look at this trailer:

What’s going on there? The blurb explains:

“Following an invitation by the owner of the largest Casino in Las Vegas and Godfather of the local most influential crime family, each character will face the other participants in a face-off game of cards.

“Only the best of them will fly to Vegas to challenge the Godfather himself in a final match, not knowing that the tournament itself is nothing more than a charade to hide a ruthless master plan to defeat the competing clan family…”

Also it’s blackjack. A dealer deals cards and you twist or stick as you weigh odds and try to total 21 or as close as possible without going over. It’s blackjack. You know blackjack? But wrapped up in the pageantry and quips and cutscenes of a Street Fighter-y tournament.

Along with singleplayer, it does support four-player online multiplayer with ranked leaderboards. It’ll support cross-platform play with consoles and pocket telephones too.

Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition is £8.09/10,79€/$10.79 on Steam It’s made by Stage Clear Studios and published by Headup Games. It is blackjack. But also Street Fighter-y.

You must have seen them, the youths. Children in schoolyards play imaginary blackjack, yelling “Yes! 3! Twist! Yeahhh 8! BLACKJACK!”, spittle flying as they make deck-shuffling noises with their mouths. And in the park, after dark, the teenagers have abandoned their usual games of mumblety-peg to play finger-chopping blackjack. It is everywhere and it is blackjack.


  1. Shazbut says:

    Nostalgia is becoming the most powerful force on earth.

    • The Librarian With No Name says:

      Nah. Nostalgia these days is weak stuff. In my day, we had serious nostalgia.

      • ButteringSundays says:

        Pfff! We had to walk 10 miles in the snow, *uphill*, just to experience nostalgia.

  2. ButteringSundays says:

    I was expecting the gameplay to be something other than straight blackjack. I mean that’s what it is, right? It’s not combined with fighting somehow, or borrowing mechanics from other genres.

    Seems like a missed trick to me. Especially as blackjack (like most casino games) loses most of its excitement as soon as you introduce play-money.

    Also if card counting isn’t possible (hopefully it is?) then I’m not sure what the leaderboards would represent other than who is the luckiest player – as the only way worth playing at that point is the same way the dealer plays… It could be completely automated.

    By maybe I’m missing something?

    • Seafoam says:

      Blackjack in games can be quite exiting I would say. You wouldn’t believe how many times in Fallout New Vegas I’ve spent all my hard earned caps on the blackjack tables at the strip.

      Although you have a point. If the blackjack is the meat and potatoes of the game then I presume it gets quite boring. You’re just gaining numbers, not precious money you can spend on other activities.
      But hey! Who knows? I presume there’s an audience for this sort of thing too.

    • Headup says:

      Well the game has a single player campaign for all the fighters, and blackjack does play differently with the 10-round pressure system in place. Cardcount should be possible, we haven’t tried it yet but the system does use one deck which gets reshuffled when running low on cards.

      But yes, we created a one time purchase Blackjack game. And we dig SF…

  3. SuicideKing says:

    It’s like they read all the Call of Battle: WarDuty II comments on RPS and came up with a title for the game…

  4. Seafoam says:

    Man, pixel art is an art-form in itself. It feels like it loses something when done today using modern programs and such.

    Back in the day when pixel art was the only way to make graphics, artists were forced to get better at the medium. Special techniques and theory had to be followed, developed specifically with the hardware and software in mind.

    But now? it feels obvious that this was drawn with modern drawing sensibilities, and only made pixely afterwards.
    I feel like to make proper good pixel art nowadays you need to do a historical reconstruction of sorts, follow the old techniques and sensibilities. Otherwise it’s impossible to capture the beauty and form of the graphics of yesteryear.
    I hope there’s a book or a documentary about it somewhere because now I’ve gotten myself interested.

    • syndrome says:

      I know well what you mean. I had Amiga at age 7, til 1994.

      The worst example I’ve seen in recent times is probably Halcyon6, as it’s such an amalgam of disproportionately conceived pixel art, the only word that describes such an art direction is ‘crap’ imo, even though the pixel art itself is very well done in places.

      Frankly, I couldn’t play it because of this, and I’m not that sensitive to graphics “fidelity” in general.

  5. DEspresso says:

    That Worldmap though.. When will France occupy Ireland and when will the Germans collectively move to Norway?

    Also why is Japan the only one who does not get a dot?

    • syndrome says:

      Actually, Japan has a dot, it’s just obscured by aircraft icon.
      What bothers me, however, is that Albania doesn’t have a dot.
      On a second glance, though, it seems that all 4 european dots are misplaced. Spain is somewhere in the Atlantic, France in Ireland, Germany in Norway, and Albania in Germany.

  6. Retrofrank says:

    Ah, these beautiful country-stereotypes.
    Dieter makes mein heart jump with freude.

  7. DingDongDaddio says:

    But it’s just blackjack? That’s awfully… arbitrary. It’s just a parody for parody’s sake? I expected something like Puzzle Fighter that plays with the genre a bit, at least. This is just blackjack with characters that ARENT from Street Fighter trying to appeal to Street Fighter fans… so I really don’t get the point.

    • Headup says:

      Well actually all characters are the people working at our company, check the game credits ;-) I wish we were all in SF, would love to whip Hondas behind…

  8. Thirdrail says:

    Not the kind of thing I’d sit at my pc doing, but the minute this becomes available in the google play store for my Galaxy Tablet, it will be my favorite tablet game. Any ETA on that?

  9. Darloth says:

    I was really expecting the trailer announcer to shout “TURBO!!!!!!” after a long pause.

    I’m quite disappointed.