Hack the planet! Uplink’s shiny new UI mod is finished

Introversion Software’s seminal hacking sim Uplink may be fifteen years old but it’s still one of the finest hacks ’em ups, Brendan will tell you. It’s now looking super-fresh too, thanks to the amazing makeover mod UplinkOS [official site]. Along with a new look, UplinkOS brings fab features like support for opening multiple windows at once, now draggable and with tabs. Fancy! We’ve mentioned UplinkOS before but now, after several months of beta, a final release has arrived. Here, look at this swish style:

The original Uplink, for comparison, looks like this. UplinkOS redoes everything.

If you’re curious about what Introversion make of this makeover, hey, you can watch them play with it. Mostly they say things like “This is great!” and “It’s really good” while stumbling around rediscovering bits of their own game.

UplinkOS comes in two flavours, one for the Steam version and another for GOG.

Mod creator Cpt.McBacon calls this week’s release “its final, Gold version” though he does note “Now, this doesn’t actually mean the game is done, no game is ever done, but at least I’ve reached a version that’s as stable and as polished as I could make it”. Perhaps expect some bug fixes at some point but, for now, play away without worrying about a stream of updates. Get hacking that planet.


  1. nearly says:

    Incredible timing. I re-installed Uplink last night on an older linux machine I was messing around with, put it in Windowed to try and get the text legible but didn’t and only managed to cut off the part of the screen I need to select the options to get it back in Full Screen, heard about Uplink OS as I was searching for fixes, and then gave up entirely when I saw that Cpt.McBacon wasn’t even going to attempt a linux/mac version until the Windows went gold. I may have to just go install it on my desktop, though, if it’s any good for the scaling issues that Uplink seems to have with modern resolutions. There seemed to be mixed opinions on the map screen but it seemed like people were otherwise pretty happy with the changes.

    • Roobarb says:

      I picked a copy up from GoG after realising my Steam version wouldn’t play ball. The GoG version works well.

  2. babymoses says:

    I’ve never understood how to get away with a large hack in Uplink.

    • ShiArch says:

      Simply make first connection to an open system like Internic and after hacking login to that system and delete all logs. If hacking banks you need to delete logs at BOTH ends (i.e. sender and receiver).

      • Ryos says:

        The logs of the cash transfer which are found in the statement, not the usual logs of “so and so conencted from, those only need to be taken care of at internic as usual.

      • Darloth says:

        Against particularly secure systems I think you also need the higher rank of log deleter so that they can’t be undeleted.

        Alternatively, you could use the log modifier to point them somewhere else, if I recall correctly… Been a while.

    • Bull0 says:

      It’s all about deleting logs. And then later on, about having a powerful enough system to complete actions fast enough to not get caught.

      I love Uplink but the key thing I don’t like about it is there’s usually not a safe way to test a new feature out – you have to use it in anger first time. It makes coming up against new defenses really stressful and if you bugger up you can lose everything quite quickly. Fun though.

  3. McTecman says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this, it’s an excellent reason to replay Uplink after quite a bit!

  4. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:

    With the amount of times Alice has used “Hack the Planet!” in the headline or tags I think she must have a subliminal advertising deal with MGM

  5. DrazharLn says:

    Talking of Uplink mods, “onlink” is a big gameplay and UI mod. Unfortunately not compatible with Uplink OS.

    It adds all sorts of new mechanics and fixes some of the UI trouble the original had.

    Latest version of onlink.

  6. Papageno says:

    Has anyone used this mod successfully with the Steam version?

    • Loendal says:

      Yes, I use it on Steam. Go into Browse Local Files through Steam’s Library and then Rename Uplink to Uplink-old or some such. Once you’ve unzipped UplinkOS into this folder, rename UplinkOS to Uplink and it should work just fine.

      Bear in mind though, you may have to start a new user inside of Uplink.