Split splot splat: De Blob bouncing back to PC

After rolling round consoles for the best part of a decade, paint-splatting platformer De Blob [Steam page] is coming home to PC. It’s about a big blob rolling around a dystopian city painting everything with its splatty powers. You might remember De Blob from its origins as a student project game on PC in 2006, back before THQ bought it, created a new Blob game for Wii, then crashed and burned and… to cut a long story short, that Blob game will finally come to PC on April 27th.

So! De Blob, the new old one coming to PC, is a 3D platformer about a big ol’ blob living in a colourless dystopian future. Handily, he can absorb paint from convenient sources around the place, so off he goes, bringing colour to the world and sticking it to The Man. I never played the Wii version but remember enjoying splatting paint in the original student game? It’s been a while.

Here’s an old, old trailer:

To continue that long-winded history lesson from before: this isn’t made by that original student team, as they sold De Blob to THQ then most of them reformed as Romino Games – going on to make games including Awesomenauts. No, it’s Blue Tongue Entertainment who made this and its sequel. After THQ died, publisher Nordic Games picked up De Blob along with many other THQ games, not to mention THQ’s name. Having sewn THQ’s tags into the underwear, they’re now known as THQ Nordic. That’s who’s bringing this to PC, with a port by Blitworks. I think that’s the lot.


  1. Snowskeeper says:

    Could somebody stop publishers from sewing strings into THQ’s corpse and dancing it around like some sort of freakish marionette, please?

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      Ninja Dodo says:

      What’s wrong with re-releasing and porting or releasing updates for old games that would otherwise no longer be available?

      The alternative is those games disappearing forever.

      • Snowskeeper says:

        Was referring more to the fact that somebody bought THQ’s name, and is now wearing it like a skin-suit.

  2. The Bright Side says:

    Man, I remember doing localization testing for De Blob 2 back in 2011, loving the game, and being sad that it wasn’t available on PC. I hope they’ll follow up with a PC port of the 2nd one soon. I’ll be the first in line to buy it.

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    bsplines says:

    I played this on the Wii. It was quite good (nothing special but painting the city was nice) but it definitely became repetitive by the end.
    And I certainly hope they change the saving system. On the Wii you could only save between stages and each stage was 20-40 minutes long.

  4. Urthman says:

    Of course, Dolphin brought it (and the sequel) to PC 7 years ago in a format that allows you to save instantly anywhere.

    link to m.youtube.com

  5. Danda says:

    I’ve heard de Blob was a good game, so I’ll buy it. I’m always happy when they re-release good old games, and of course I buy them!

    (Hey, remember when GOG released good old games?)