Ring ring! No Man’s Sky adding new vehicle this week

A new vehicle will land in No Man’s Sky [official site] this week as part of the ‘Path Finder’ update, Hello Games have announced. They say this mysterious vehicle “will aid home planet exploration” and we’re adamant that it should be a bicycle. Space car? No thanks. Space hovercraft? Nuh uh. Please may we have a bicycle. Space bicycle? No. Earth bicycle. With a bell. Ring ring!

Hello are pretty vague about this, saying:

“We’re calling it the Path Finder Update; it introduces a new vehicle that will aid home planet exploration, building on the Foundation Update to hint at a path ahead for the future.”

Though I’ve no idea of the scope of this update, the little they do say suggests they’re continuing along the base-building and settling-down line of the Foundation update. Which would seem a shame to me.

No Man’s Sky is a pleasant game of pootling and pottering around the galaxy, wrapped up in an uninteresting survival game. In a game with squillions of procedurally-generated systems and worlds and creatures and sunsets, putting down roots is the opposite of what I’d want. Pip wrote a bit about her similar thoughts on the game’s identity crisis following the basebuilding update. But hey, I’m only guessing here – Hello have avoided stating specifics about this update before it launches.

I would go wild for a mothership with room to build menageries and farms, maybe even creating replicas of pleasing places I found on planets. Taking my base with me, that’s the ticket. But as that would be a monumental task for Hello Games, I’d settle for a bicycle. Ring ring!

[Disclosure: our own Alec Meer wrote some words for No Man’s Sky. Not today. He’s mostly sharing Garfield pictures today. True story.]


  1. draglikepull says:

    I worry a bit that they’re focusing on trying to please the people who want NMS to be more like all the survival games on Steam, potentially at the expense of what actually makes the game really interesting, which is flying around a vast, wondrous universe discovering things. The exploration and discovery are the fun parts to me. The base-building stuff is kind of cool, but I don’t really want a “home planet”. The loneliness of not having a home to return to lends the game a kind of melancholy charm that really resonates with me.

    • Nauallis says:

      Basically agree, but I actually think that having a home planet makes the game more depressing/lonely by far. Having a mothership a la space freighter where you can dock your ships and stuff makes way more sense in a game that’s predominantly about seeing what’s over the next hill and in the next star system.

      I’m hoping that this update will let me have a vehicle I can bring with me on my regular ship, or that modders will work out how to make it transportable.

    • Jokerme says:

      Discovering what? Exploring what? It’s basically an endless stream of nothing over nothing. There are a couple of planets with randomized item placement copy pasted over and over and nothing more in this game.

      • Nauallis says:

        And you need to shit on somebody enjoying something that you don’t… why?

        • DeadCanDance says:

          Basically because they’re having fun and he isn’t.

        • Neutrino says:

          Because expressing an opinion that you don’t agree with is exactly the same as “shitting on somebody”.

          Exactly the same.

  2. LTK says:

    Yes. Earth bicyle. With a bell. And jet engines. Ring ring ZOOOOOOOM!

  3. aircool says:

    Still the only game I know where texture pop up can occur after you’ve passed the damned object…

  4. MiniMatt says:

    I’ve a feeling No Man’s Sky will become another of my X:Rebirth games – ie those with a really interesting concept I commit to buying when they’re finally fixed, and remain forever trapped on my wishlist, as by the time they are, I’ve moved on.

    • Schwerpunkt says:

      MiniMatt: this made me laugh because it is precisely how I “play” X-Rebirth, in that every few months I google “Is X-Rebirth fixed yet?” and don’t get a “yes.” Maybe “Play” is a strong term.

  5. stele says:

    My space hovercraft is full of space eels.

    My space nipples explode with delight!

  6. DailyFrankPeter says:


  7. cpy says:

    What? They’re still alive? We need to sacrifice Sean to volcano pitlord demon to give us all things in NMS that he promised.

    • Rack says:

      That smacks of killing the goose that “really will lay a golden egg soon, honestly” to me.

  8. Deviija says:

    Whereas I *do* want them to focus more on the setting down roots, expanding on the base-building, and incorporating how aliens can fit into that scheme. Make your home planet/base into a trading hub, build space stations, ally with a faction over others to populate your research labs going over ancient monolith tech/excavations, domesticate certain creatures you find and love and/or take certain favored critters or plants from your travels and bring them to your home planet to populate your homeworld with, so many things you can do.

    We also have warp portals to go from home to ship and continue on exploring adventures across the galaxy. Making roots or sprucing up a homeplanet doesn’t have to impede progress of exploration elsewhere. It also doesn’t need to be a lonely and static experience. The ‘verse is filled with aliens and creatures.

    • aircool says:

      I agree with this. The game fails to provide any motivation to continuously explore anyway. Planets and star systems might be unique, but are limited in their differences. Whilst building a base of operations is tempting, there’s still fuck all to do.

      I’ve said many a time before, the bastard love child of NMS and Elite: Dangerous would probably be a pretty good game.

      • ButteringSundays says:

        I think it’s fine if you only really plan on playing it for a few dozen hours. Which let’s be honest is perfectly reasonable.

        The trouble comes when we assume that we can repeat the core gameplay loop indefinitely and never get bored. As nice as that would be it’s a fairly lofty expectation.

        • fish99 says:

          Honestly most people I know were bored before the 10hr point, but maybe they’ve improved it. The main thing I objected to was the game being priced at £45 since there were almost no keys for 3rd party vendors and therefore no competition. I could see myself picking it up again (I refunded it) at some point for closer to what it’s worth (to me).

  9. ButteringSundays says:

    Found myself inexplicably drawn back to NMS this week – especially surprising to me as I’m just coming out of a space game binge. Saw this update was on its way so will wait I think, as I know my return will be fairly short lived. I haven’t tried out the base building either yet so there is that.

    I only had some minor gripes about the game to be honest – not to say it couldn’t have been better, but what can’t? My expectations were fairly well set I think.

    Keen to try out Astroneer – it seems very well received but superficially seems quite similar to NMS to me, what’s the deal there?

  10. The Velour Fog says:

    I would be perfectly happy if all they did was make the planets more varied

    The exploration is the drawcard for me, couldn’t care less about bases and what not

    I guess by trying to be everything for everyone they have split the playerbase and they are pulling in several different directions

  11. Pdavis says:

    Uh, you can take your base with you. You just keep it in your freighter.

  12. Bull0 says:

    If they had a passable atmospheric flight model they wouldn’t really need to add a new vehicle.

  13. modzero says:

    The problem with not settling down is, as much as it may not fit the grander design, the base parts are actually quite nice. In a shitty, 70s “let’s build everything out of plastic” style, except this one retains colour for more than three days in the sun. I love it. It may not fit the game, it may ruin what’s interesting about it, but I still love it. I guess I’m a terrible person :(