Ape Out demo samples Devolver’s primate rampage

Close your eyes and imagine the sort of game about an escaped gorilla that Devolver Digital would publish. Simple yet challenging combat? Buckets of blood and smashed limbs? Distinctive art style and music? Open your eyes and — gasp! — it wasn’t all a dream, you’ve imagined Ape Out [official site], which Devolver today announced they’ll release this summer. It sees an escaped gorilla smashing humans to pieces, whacking them, grabbing them, and hurling them. “It’s Hotline Miami with Harambe” I’d say if I were trying to get Devolver to quote me in a trailer, but it’s not and I’m not and that meme is awful.

Here, you can see in this trailer then play it yourself in a wee demo.

That trailer? You can play that. Those scenes are crammed into the “playable trailer” that’s up on Steam. One minute of scenes teaching the controls, showing a few tricks, hinting at almost vaguely Hotline Miami-y or Superhot-ish combat puzzles, and letting you smash some humans. Oh, and enjoying the furious drumming of its sound effects.

Ape Out does support keyboard and mouse but a controller is recommended and yep, having tried both I’d say go controller. Left thumbstick moves, right trigger smashes, and left trigger grabs. Quickly you’re ripping a door off its hinges to use as a shield then hurling it at people, holding gunmen to soak up gunfire, and leaving so many bloody puddles.

The game is made by Gabe Cuzzillo and yes, he started long before the tragic Harambe incident and ensuing rubbish memeing.


  1. Crocobutt says:

    I hope they have an option to disable/reduce the camera shake, seems very excessive in the trailer footage.

  2. Landiss says:

    Now, that is good use of sound in a game (or at least trailer).

    Also – I couldn’t believe at first that the killing of that gorilla has its own wikipedia article which is also very detailed and has drastically more and better sources than average.

    • Landiss says:

      What a brilliant idea and execution of the playable trailer. It really works like in the video. It doesn’t stop, if you die it just loads the next scene, which creates a very nice flow.

      • LTK says:

        I agree, it’s really well done! I wasn’t sure about the constant hi-hat sounds every time something dies but while playing it’s good feedback.

        I’m gonna try reaching the trailer’s final scene, with all those gunmen waiting for you. I wonder if it cuts off the same way.

        • LTK says:

          The answer is yes, but you can blow them up before that happens.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Dios says:

    Sooo, Hotline Miami, but you’re a gorilla? Sold!