Reflex rocketjumps out of early access

While id Software are tinkering with Quake, adding things like different characters with different abilities, many other developers are still kicking it ’99-style. Here, check out Reflex Arena [official site], an arena FPS inspired heavily by Quake 3 and its Challenge ProMode Arena mod. After two years in early access, Reflex Arena properly launched yesterday. As you can see in the trailer below, it’s all sorts of Quake-y:

One of Reflex’s goals has been to make CPM-style arena action a touch more welcoming to new players. Sure, CPM servers are still up for those who want that specifically, but hopefully Reflex will pick up an expanded — and slightly different — playerbase. There are plenty of Quakelikes (and Unreal Tournament ’em ups) out there but many of them are too similar to attract new players yet too different for grizzled veterans. How will Reflex fare? I guess we’ll see!

Bots are the main feature added as Reflex left early access, so you can frag on your tod. Check out the changelog for details on the rest of the update.

Reflex Arena is out on Steam for £5.94/8,49€/$8.49, which includes a 15% launch discount. We can even relive tired old Quake vs. Unreal Tournament arguments by pitting Reflex against Toxikk.


  1. MercurialJack says:

    Psssst. Your Steam link just redirects back to this here page. I had to look it up manually like some kind of peasant.

  2. Herzog says:

    Best arena FPS since Q3. 1on1 matchmaking is great fun. Finding opponents quickly (at least in Europe), no trash talk, just straight to the action.

    Recommended to everybody who enjoyed classic deathmatch back in the days.

    See you on the servers!

  3. shocked says:

    No linux version? Missed opportunity.

    • SirBubbles says:

      I was really hoping for a linux version too, I like the look of Reflex. I suppose there’s always Warsow for that kind of thing in the meantime.

  4. anon459 says:

    Playing this game today was the most fun I’ve had gaming in a long time. Quake Champions can only hope to be as good as this game.