Card-o-board battler Faeria launches out of early access

Board game and collectible card game combine in the free-to-play Faeria [official site], which hit version 1.0 this week and officially launched after a year in in early access. I’ve received a few e-mails from well-meaning readers urging me to play it ’cause I like Magic: The Gathering so much, and Faeria rises from Magic-y foundations with a board game layer of building and moving around a map, but please stop these. Faeria looks great, it genuinely does, and I can’t afford to get sucked into CCG heaven again. You monsters. I will, however, pop up a news post about it.

So! It’s a CCG. You build a deck then go battle another player (or AI). It’s also a bit of a board game. As you play, you lay down terrain tiles on a hex grid, building a battlefield. Creatures roam around the map to attack and control points, structures set up on tiles, and different abilities can interact with it in interesting ways. So you’ve got the CCG level of cards and creatures, then the board game-y bit of trying to shape and control the battlefield to best suit you. Sounds great! I cannot play it.

Official launches bring launch patches, and you can find the changelog for that this-a-way. Changes include an overhaul of rewards and the progression system, balance tweaks, a Linux version now stable enough to lose the ‘unsupported’ label, and some very pretty new artwork to replace the last of the placeholder art.

What’s next? More features and content are planned, of course. For now, developers Abrakam have launched a ‘War Effort’ tracking all the gold earned in-game. “When the progress bar is full, something interesting will happen,” they say. It’s just over half-way there now.

Faeria is free-to-play on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s on iPad too, with an Android tablet release coming soon, followed by Apple and Android general releases. I will not play it. Thank you for all your thoughtful e-mails but I have already spent my lifetime card game budget. Please understand.


  1. Farnbeak says:

    Alice, please! This is not enough, you *HAVE* to cover yesterday’s out-of-beta release of The Elder Scrolls: Legends! (or I call it unfair)
    Here, have this marvelous stone!

    You know I’m going to say this is the best one out there? (and I have played a lot: HS, Duelyst, Faeria, Gwent, Shadowverse, Hex, digital MTGs, etc.). Subjectiveness aside, this one, at very least, is the most generous of the above. It also seems to have the least of “strictly-better” card design, although not by a serious margin, and possibly the best core set balance/interactions. That was me back to subjectiveness.

    Gotta admit Duelyst is crisp.. Its just that it gives me an infomational overload/seems not that fun in comparison due to personal reasons. TES:L is more like a significantly improved HS, and thats more desirable by me.

    If you already have this on your radar, waiting for a specific platform release, then pardon me! :)

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      I’m gonna get to it!

      • Farnbeak says:

        I am delighted and truly impressed by your responsiveness :)

        I also understand that not having ios/android/mobile releases yet outside of selected regions is a serious disadvantage to make you consider covering the game after those are out, like in a month or 2.
        Its just that I am genuinely positively relieved by that devs’ announcement and reveal, so I needed to share that!

    • RuySan says:

      Right now Eternal is my favourite. It’s basically MTG with hearthstone look, which is fine for me.

      It’s the most generous with its F2P model, and the draft modes are a huge improvements over the ones from HS/Duelyst.

      • Farnbeak says:

        Yeah, I do believe you on the generosity part, since both TES:L and Eternal are developed by Direwolf.

        My major gripe with Eternal (and Hex too) is one of its core design features, sadly. That is the archaic land/mana system, I just really dislike it as a low-level-randomness generator.
        I thank you for the recomendation though!
        (And I still do play physical MTG with my wife, despite that, heh)

  2. Commander Gun says:

    So many good CCG’s out there. I played a lot of them and my opinion can be summed up as follows:

    Hearhtstone: Was my main CCG since it started, but the meta is getting boring and more boring. Add RNG and the increase of pricing on packs and it is a game that doesn;t have my focus. I play it with friends and there are some tavern brawls i like, but other than that i only play this while i am travelling.

    Shadowverse: I have the feeling this game is quite good. At the start you get quite some packs too, but the problem with this game is that legendaries can (and often have) to be included 3 times each. Hence to be competetively viable you have to spend quite some cash. Still, i like the atmosphere.

    Eternal: Game looked quite good, but i hate the land for mana part so i have never bothered with this. I heard from a friend who does play this that it is very generous for F2P players.

    Duelyst: Game looked fine game-play wise, but i can’t stand the ugly pixel graphics, so a big no-no for me.

    Elder Scrolls Legends: I played this a few weeks. It has a very refreshing system in that aggro decks are keeped in check (at least at the start, it has been a while) by letting you draw an additional card for every 5 damage you receive. What is more, you can play some cards like an instant this way. That last part is exactly the reason i stopped playing. Turns take too long for my liking.
    Still, a very good game.

    Gwent: This is my personal favorite. I haven’t played any Wicther at all, so for Wicther fans this might be even more fun. The card-art is beautiful and all 5 factions have their own distinct flavor.
    Decks are only 25 cards and legends and most epics can only be played 1 copy, so the game is very doable for F2P players as well.
    It has a very special system that there are 3 rounds that you simply have to get the highest strenght on table. This sounds very easy, but games are quite skill intensive.
    Try it out!

    • Hunchback says:

      I have been trying to get more serious in HEX for a while, without spending any real cash on it, since i find the art very nice (i really enjoy many of the factions) and i love how complex it is (even if i am generally quite overloaded by this and can’t build a decent deck for the life of me), however it sadly IS very hard for F2P players to participate in any meaningful PvP.
      It’s true that there’s quite a big PvE part and it just got bigger with the addition of “mercenaries” that add additional layers of complexity to the whole thing… but i generally play this kind of games for the PvP part of it, if i wanted a single player experience i’d play some Pillars of Eternity or The Witcher :P

      Anyways, even considering this, i was wondering why HEX was getting so much shit thrown at it on steam. Is there anything wrong with it, from an experienced TCG player?

      P.S. I find the HS style of “constant mana-increase” every turn very boring and simple. If the reason HEX is considered bad is because it has a resources and thresh-hold system, i guess i must disagree.

    • Kitsunin says:

      I’m really liking Gwent as well. The idea of having pretty much just one hand for the entire game is unique, and trying to ensure you win an early round while sort of refining your hand for the final round is cool. It reminds me a lot of Blue Moon, which is my favorite IRL card game. I think Blue Moon is better, but it’s also not a CCG.

      Gwent is also more generous than any other option (every day you get more than enough for a pack from roughly 4 games, and can keep playing for a while and still get more).

  3. Bobtree says:

    I was interested in Faeria until they removed the “pay once for everything” option.

  4. theBU3NO says:

    Love this game! If anyone is planning on trying it you can enter my nickname (theBU3NO) at the top of the friend’s list after the tutorial (and before you level to 4) and we both receive some free packs as you level up.

    I can also get an avatar that I want so badly which is why I did this.