The Electronic Wireless Show – IGF Special #3: Sex

Stop sniggering at the back. The RPS podcast of yore has returned, as you might have noticed, in which we are chatting to all sorts of interesting people from the makers of 90s cyberpunk thriller Quadrilateral Cowboy to the creators of political elbow-nudging Orwell, and so many more.

In the third episode of this special #content we are talking to the visual novelists behind erotic adventure Ladykiller in a Bind and awkwardness sim One Night Stand. Yes, we’re talking to them about sex.

Here it is.

You can also listen directly from Soundcloud, and if you give it some time for the RSS to catch up, you can find it on iTunes along with previous episodes, but also on Stitcher and Pocket Casts.

We’ll have the fourth and final episode up soon, in which we’ll be talking to the makers of Virginia and Hyper Light Drifter. Keep your ears peeled! (Ew)


  1. Seyda Neen says:

    Interesting talk. Thanks.

  2. heretic says:

    Another great RPS wireless episode, nice to see veteran Christine and newbie Lucy on this week’s show.

    Some interesting thoughts about having a relationship angle in X-Com, think that would work very well with the format! Though you’d get so attached to the characters might be crushing to see one of the relationship die… but I guess that’s the point!

  3. The Dark One says:

    My podcatcher was only surfacing the old RSS feed, but I was able to track down the new one: link to

  4. Johny40Se7en says:

    This is a very great and really often, shy’d away from topic in general these days let alone in games.

    I haven’t played the games but I listened all the way through and everything I heard, even if they don’t do well because of those stupid insecure reasons, it’ll be like those under rated controversial sort of things similar to a lot of John Carpenter’s films. At first it won’t be appreciated but over time with word of mouth, slowly it’ll be understood and enjoyed.

    What I heard through out, I love how the games seem to be very thought provoking, always making you ask why, because genuinely, if people want to go out and have those one night stands, it’s up to the both of them, I’m not gonna preach, but people with that sort of lifestyle should always ask why they feel like it’s ok not do become close and to love the other person before doing something so intimate, there should always be passion and love between both people and I don’t agree with all that dominatrix sort of thing, I’m all for latex at times hahaa another thing that brings out women’s curves, but when two people love each other and trust each other so much, one person shouldn’t be “in charge”, it should simply be love, a bond, two people doing it WITH each other, not one person doing it TO the other.

    Like I said, great topic =)