Slime Rancher plorts out new zone and quantum slimes


As if escaping their pens to chase your chickens and devour each others’ faeces weren’t trouble enough, now those adorably pesky slimes are messing with the fabric of the universe. A big Slime Rancher [official site] update launched this week to add a new area housing a troublesome new breed of slime, the quantum slimes. Good luck wrangling a creature which exists across several potential timelines. Oh, and the game’s on sale this weekend too.

The Ancient Ruins Update adds the eponymous new zone, which is where you’ll find those new nuisances. Developers Monomi Park explain:

“The quantum slime is native to the ancient ruins and can emit other possible realities of itself, merging with one of those realities when agitated. Ranchers will need to keep a close eye on these slimes on the ranch, and make sure that eye is actually on the real quantum slime!”

And what do quantum slimes eat? Phase lemons:

“Phase lemon trees are another strange product of the Ancient Ruins: a fruit tree that echoes across multiple realities, only half present in any one at a time. Though quantum slimes love its fruit, it will need some sort of binding agent in order to harvest those enigmatic lemons into our reality.”


Slime Rancher is still in early access but Rick Lane enjoyed a bit of farming and ranching even back in February 2016.

If you want in, Slime Rancher has a 33% discount this weekend on Steam, bringing it to £10.04/13,39€/$13.39. Slime Rancher is on GOG too but not on sale there.


  1. trjp says:

    This games looks very very very happy – that might be all the reason you need to buy it? :)

    • Jalan says:

      It is – even the “bad” things in it have this underlying air of positivity to them.

      It’s like being trapped in a nightmare supervised by Lisa Frank.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    I started playing this this weekend, after having owned it for months.

    It’s so bright and cheery and fun. Even the bad Tarr monsters aren’t really scary, they’re just sorta darkish.

    A+ would wrangle a bunch of doofy slimes again.