It’s about Rime: Zelda-like adventure gets release date

While the joys of the new Zelda on Switch are being experienced by all and/or sundry, we in PC land have to resort to scowling and then writing about how we can still learn lessons from Nintendo’s long-running adventures of Link the Landscaper.

But what’s this, sailing over the horizon? It’s Rime [official site], that adventure game about being a wee lad stranded on a gorgeous Mediterranean-style island. And it’s holding up a sign. “WILL ARRIVE,” it says, “MAY 26.”

For all who don’t know, here’s a breakdown of what its all about, from the creators.

RiME is a single-player puzzle adventure game about discovery, experienced through the eyes of a young boy who awakens on a mysterious island after shipwrecking off its coast. Players must navigate the island’s secrets by making use of light, sound, perspective and even time.

Definitely not going to follow that weird capitalisation, THaNKS. In any case, it’s being made by Tequila Works, the creators of side-scrolling zombie adventure Deadlight. They’re also working on the Sexy Brutale, which includes a Majora’s Mask style time loop in which you have to save the house guests of a creepy mansion. They like Zelda, I think.

I can’t afford a Nintendo Switch because the ruthless government of Costa Rica has put an enormous tax on videogames and assorted devilry, which brings its price to over $700. Maybe Rime will take the edge off, but I’ll still have to wait like three more months. Ugghhhhhh.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Looks kind of neat. If nothing else the landscape looks like it’d be fun to poke around in.

    But what’s up with Costa Rica? Seriously? Is it some religion-based banning, or are they just no-fun police?

    • April March says:

      Here in Brazil the tax over videogames is also something like 50% over the value of the product. That’s because they’re considered a kind of gambling, but also because Brazil pays incredibly high, Swedish-level taxes while definitively not offering Swedish-level public services.

      Out of curiosity I checked out the price of the Switch. Depending on the store it costs around R$ 1900, which my financial control software tells me is around US$ 600.

  2. geldonyetich says:

    Careful comparing indie games to anything Nintendo makes. You might inadvertently throw somebody in their ravenous legal pool.

  3. meepmeep says:

    the ruthless government of Costa Rica

    You wanna heavily tax my Switch, yeah? You and whose army?

  4. Daller says:

    This will be awesome! I can’t wait to play the game

  5. mactier says:

    It’s more directly Ico-inspired, I think. The art-style and idea seem to be very heavily based on it. Ico has Zelda-vibes anyway, or vice versa (they are alternatives, probably not influenced until maybe more recently). Some screenshots and environments also seem directly ripped off from The Witness. (Some of these indie games take from everywhere and try to get the same look and feeling across.)