Pathologic remake demo now available to all, for free

a demo, you say?

When you woke up this morning, you probably didn’t realise what a joyous day this truly is. This is the day of bewilderment and wonder, of mystery, mirth and miasma. This is the day of Pathologic [official site].

The new version of Ice-Pick Lodge’s absurdist theatrical masterpiece won’t be ready for release until Autumn but you can download a new build of the two hour Marble Nest demo, which was released to backers late last year. It’s now free to everyone, in a new build, which you can download via Steam. I’ve played the previous build and it is everything I ever wanted from Pathologic: weird, unnerving, amusing and fantastically clever. It’s the most delicious poison of all.

As well as looking like my memories of the original game – which is to say less murky, with characters who emote more than wax dummies – this morsel of Pathologic is a more directed experience. Don’t worry; you’ll still be lost and confused, but because this is a slither of game rather than the full-on experience, Ice-Pick have been kind enough to ensure the essential essence of Pathologic is on show immediately. You won’t need to dig beneath the surface to find the gold.

In fact, Marble Nest feels like a performance, which is rather fitting considering Pathologic’s interest in all things theatrical. The game acknowledges its own artificiality and artifice explicitly, and Marble Nest is a bit like an abbreviated tour of the game’s setting and mood.

I haven’t played the new version but here’s what Ice-Pick Lodge have to say:

Not every question can be answered at once. Some demand deeper immersion.

We invite you to download and play a short game called The Marble Nest, that is dedicated to the same subject as our small study: the limits of human ability. It will give you a fuller understanding of the matter at hand.

You should accept that invitation.

If you want to know more, check out our interview about the remake and last year’s HD re-release.


  1. napoleonic says:

    Thank you for adding a tooltip.

  2. Dudeist says:

    Free demo! What a news! And free trailer – awesome.

  3. forddent says:

    As someone who contributed a rather stupid amount of money to Ice Pick Lodge when they announced the Pathologic remake and has already played through the Marble Nest (er, multiple times, because there are some things you just don’t have time to do all in one day), might I be one of the first to say go get this right now and play it do it now do it do it do it you shan’t regret it.

    It is very, very good.

    • MajorLag says:

      But it’s like 2 whole hours, do you know how many games of Tower of Guns I can fit in that?

      And 6GB! Back in my day, when we ran video games on dinosaurs, you could fit 12 copies of the OS in 6GB.

      On the other hand, it is free, and RPSs previous articles swooning over IPL’s… interesting?… style have me intrigued. So I’ll take you up on your recommendation.

      • forddent says:

        On this day you have made a very smart decision, my friend.

      • April March says:

        I can easily fit some ten games of Tower of Guns in two hours, that’s about how long I can last…

    • ilitarist says:

      Don’t see what to do there. It’s 16:30 in-game and I did everything I could find. My map still highlights mimes and the house with locked doors, but the girl who sold lockpicks is gone now and mimes talk about heart. Can’t find what to do.

      A rare thing when I want an analysis of a demo.

      And I’ve even played original game till the end as two characters. I see all the changes and allusions but can’t see what to do except to wait for the inevitable evening. At least tell me: are there multiple endings to a demo?

      • forddent says:

        Have you been to see the Steppe dwellers yet? You may find a way to proceed there. You may even find your heart.

        If you sold your nuts to the wrong child, it is too late for you to get that particular ending. Soldiers may be able to help you find a way in.

        Seek Aspity if you haven’t already done so, she can enlighten you.

        Everything can still happen up until the end, which is around 21 or 22:00. There’s still time.

        Good luck.

        There are definitely multiple endings. I’ve seen three so far.

        • ilitarist says:

          Done all of that, still didn’t find the heart.

          I got what looks like a generic ending, with a choice of being ready or not. Looks like I didn’t do anything needed for a specific ending.

          • forddent says:

            You have to help the injured Odongh to prove you’ve got heart. That gives you the knowledge you need for one ending. Aspity can explain another, if you can resist being a haughty bastard to her (I could not resist being a haughty bastard my first go-round). Hunting down the missing Executors (they’re up on the hill) and having words with them gives access to a third option.

            All the endings I’ve gotten are the result of getting knowledge from others, giving me additional things to say to the plague in the end.

            You can also just say you are ready to go the first time the plague asks you for an ending that made me laugh pretty goddamn hard.

          • ilitarist says:

            I’ve done all of that, but didn’t know I have a heart now. Maybe I did have some additional things to say to Executioner in the end, but they didn’t look special. Oh well.

          • forddent says:

            Yeah, after helping the injured Odongh you should be able to talk to one of the Steppe dwellers and they will confirm you have a heart now (or give you one if you don’t). Then you can talk to the Tragedians and they’ll let you in on the secret.

  4. Shazbut says:

    Trailer looks good. I like the horrible violence.

  5. Alien says:

    A remake?

    I haven`t played the original yet, should I wait or is the original Pathologic good enough?

    • Jalan says:

      Wait for the remake, unless your curiosity really gets the better of you.

      Not to say the original is bad (well, wholly bad at any rate), but with the remake marching toward release it seems like the better decision to just wait until it is and play the version of the game Ice-Pick Lodge wants freshly interested people to play.

    • forddent says:

      The HD re-release of the original has a very good translation, and it runs a lot smoother than the original version ever did for me – but my god the combat is just the worst (and sadly necessary at times). That said it is almost worth playing anyway. It depends on how much patience you have.

      I would just wait until the new version – but a word of advice should you decide to check out the old version: Save often. You’ll find yourself backed into corners and you’ll want a way out.

  6. Chasdiel says:

    This makes me want to replay The Void as well. I swear, these guys can tell a better story through the world they design than others can through their dialogue.

    • Jalan says:

      It makes me want a sequel to the Void. Not a typical sequel, but one that tells the story of another person’s Void populated by entirely different entities. They’ll never do such a thing, but if they were to ever change their mind and ask for crowdfunding on it, I’d take out a second loan on my house just to make sure it would be successful.

      • forddent says:

        Considering the amount of money I’ve sunk into this Pathologic remake I kind of need them to not do this so I can avoid bankruptcy.

  7. anark10n says:

    Not for everyone. Demo is for windows users only, Mac and Linux aren’t catered for, even though their site says the game will be released on all 3 OSs.