Time to kill: Crimsonland devs announce Time Recoil

Building a good score chain in a shoot ’em up is already a lark, and the makers of Crimsonland and Neon Chrome are building some extra coolness on top of that in their their next top-down shooter. Today 10tons announced Time Recoil [official site], a twin-stick shooter where killing enemies gives you a jolt of slow-motion, then further slow-mo kills extend your cooltime and power up a special move. If you’re playing in real-time, you’re probably doing it wrong. Time Recoil is due out within a few months but, for now, you can get a look at the slow-mo murders in this announcement trailer:

I do like how the exploding escalations. 10tons explain:

“In Time Recoil the player is given a super power: Kill to slow time. Killing will trigger a slow motion effect, and killing additional enemies while in slow motion charges a special move. The more the player kills, the more powerful the special move becomes, starting from a simple dash and ending with a mind blowing psy-weapon.”

I always enjoy a little slow-mo cooltime in games. I’m especially into it in the monster-mashing Killing Floor games, where any kill has a chance to trigger a few seconds of slow-mo ‘Zed Time’ for all players but chances go up for cool murders like multikills, headshots, and explosions. In murderamas, the coolest murders should also be the most effective murders.

10tons plan to release Time Recoil via Steam by the end of June.

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  1. Evil Timmy says:

    Looks cut from the same cloth as Neon Chrome with a fun new mechanic, so they can pretty much take my money, they’ve nailed the “top-down shooter roguelitelike-like with permanent progression” submicrogenre. It’s a 15-minute game that occasionally spins out into a few hours and is a simple straightforward treat, with enough randomness and tactical options to keep it fresh.