Shadow Warrior 2 gets new missions and guns for free

Seeing as Shadow Warrior 2 [official site] has been out for five months, by now you might have murdered millions of demons with every one of its dozens of weapons and be ready for something new. Good news: developers Flying Wild Hog today released a free ‘DLC pack’ adding new missions, perks, and weapons to the first-person looter shooter. Expect everything from a Medusa Ray to trouble with demonic rabbit lords. Have a look at the new weapons in this trailer:

Shadow Warrior 2 publishers Devolver Digital explain:

“The Shadow Warrior 2: Bounty Hunt Part 1 DLC piles on the action with fourteen wild new missions, two dazzling new weapons, and four tantalizing new perks for Lo Wang and the gang. Battle alone or with up to four ninjas in crime in some of the most over the top missions yet like Plague of the Bunny Lords, 50 Shades of Shade, and Danger Zone on Mt. Akuma. Strike at the demon hordes with new perks like Revenge and Shared Pain or arm up with the new Medusa Ray and EX-GF01 minigun.”

Adam’s Wot I Think said he was already overwhelmed by the sheer number of weapons but maybe one of these could be your new bestie.

The DLC is now live on Steam. Shadow Warrior 2’s page on GOG still only mentions the last free DLC so, er, dunno when it’ll hit there.

The press release announcing all this said Shadow Warrior 2 would get a 25% discount to celebrate this launch but I’m not seeing it live on Steam or anywhere yet. Soooon?


  1. trjp says:

    Discount is live in UK as I type – it’s been discounted to this level a few times tho, I was hoping for a LITTLE more to tip-me-into it.

    That said, I loved what the last game was trying to do but I kept getting bored of doing it. Not really sure why but a more ‘open world’ game is even less likely to hook-me-in? :)(

  2. Synesthesia says:

    I recently bought this one, and was sorely dissapointed. The gunplay is awful, the missions are boring, and everything looks like it was lifted from a cinema 4d tutorial video.

  3. gabrielonuris says:

    Everytime I see news about this game I try to ignore the fact they turned a great shooter franchise into a boring looter shooter with procedural generated levels.

    Like TotalBiscuit said in his review, it was sad to see Shadow Warrior end up like this.

  4. Snarkman3 says:

    Good Lawd, look at all the negative nancies here in this comment section. I loved this game, even with its flaws and sub-Family Guy sense of humor. It’s straight up fun. And this practice of adding content post-launch instead of charging for DLC should be celebrated, specially in this day and age. So yeah, ?

  5. Blackcompany says:

    Game is ridiculously fun! The loot isnt perfect, but its enjoyable. And the humor, well…its…it leaves a bit to be desired.

    But pure game play? This game is fun as hell.

  6. Isendur says:

    How could you NOT want free Wang?