’70s Canadian survival adventure Kona launches, eh?

I’ve little interest in most survival games because survival for survival’s sake isn’t enough for me. And in the game. Kona [official site] has caught my eye for bringing a purpose to survival. It’s a first-person survival explore-o-adventure set in ’70s Canada, with a detective investigating a town that’s mysteriously deserted during a fierce blizzard. I’m up for that. Kona first caught my eye in 2014 while crowdfunding and now, following a year in early access, the full game has launched. Peep the launch trailer:

So there you are, in a town where everyone’s gone missing, trying to solve the mystery by exploring, solving puzzles while surviving the elements and hostile wildlife. Rob Zacny was not a fan when he Prematurely Evaluated Kona in March 2016 but ah, I’ve already started downloading it myself. I do enjoy poking around places.

Developers Parabole have reworked and changed bits over the past year, but the main change coming with the full launch is adding Kona’s other chapters. Parabole explain:

“If you played Kona on Early Access, you probably wonder what will change starting today. During early access, approximately 30% of the game content was available. Starting today, you can finally discover the rest!

“You will also be able to find and drive a snowmobile and you can expect new encounters, among other things (we wouldn’t want to spoil the whole thing now, would we).”

A snowmobile!

Kona is out now for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s £14.99/$19.99/19,99€ on Steam and about the same on GOG.


  1. Snowskeeper says:

    Thanks for restraining yourself to one Canada joke. The game looks interesting; have always been sort of intetested in the genre, but most are either annoyingly difficult (meaning the reasons for the difficulty are not entertaining) or annoyingly easy once you’ve set yourself up. Would be nice to see something a little more goal oriented.

    • Otterley says:

      There was a Canada joke?

    • grrrz says:

      plus french speaking Quebeckers don’t say “he”, they say “ostie d’calisse de tabarnak!”
      (that’s how we french people usually make fun of Quebeckers anyway)

  2. Cyrus says:

    Heresy! No Maple Leafs or Canadiens in the trailer….
    It’s therefore not historically accurate.

    • Snowskeeper says:


    • Jean-Francois Fiset says:

      Not in the trailer, but there may be something somewhere in the game…
      Jeff, Community Manager at Parabole

  3. CartonofMilk says:

    uh, 70’s FRENCH canada as it turns out (i understand for any foreigner there is no relevant distinction to be made). Now i’m more interested. They have a magasin general though. Is this set in Abitibi? Even in my tiny shit hometown we didn’t have such an old fashioned thing as a magasin general by the 70’s.

    • Snowskeeper says:

      I’m thinking it looks like it takes place in Quebec in particular, though I haven’t done much research on the game.

      (I point that out because some people might not realize that “Quebec” and “French Canada” are not synonymous; Manitoba (where I live) in particular has a number of areas that are predominantly French (or else Metis), culturally.)

      • grrrz says:

        yes, I discovered that traveling in Ontario there was a small french speaking community there, and they spoke a very different french (more “standard”) than the Quebeckers (who speak the most charming french there is I believe. Even though stupid french people often make fun of them, and also have a hard time understanding them sometimes)

      • SaunteringLion says:

        And New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province.

    • AlexandreFiset says:

      This is actually in a fictive mining community near Chibougamau in Northern Quebec. While General Stores were indeed drastically less frequent as you moved up north, they still existed back in the 70s. To be honest, we felt that the ingame world would be less interesting without it and that is the main reason why it is there ;p

    • Adou7x says:

      Well As i live in Abitibi, i can confirm we still have such things as Magasins Généraux to this date, these were particularely frequent in the 70’s, and so the game might actually take place in Abitibi (Wich would make sense, according to the weather). Despite that, I read somewhere that the game took place in the Nord-Du-Québec. Wich also makes alot of sense.

  4. Otterley says:

    Brilliant :) I played an early build quite a while ago and enjoyed it a lot (even without a snowmobile). The atmosphere and pacing was great, survival wasn’t a grind and the exploration was interesting and felt worthwhile. Looking forward to seeing the whole story.

  5. Chem says:

    *in a bad Canadian/Minnesota accent* Oh they probably all up and went down to Timmy Hortons for some snacks don’tcha know.

  6. warkwark says:

    As an aside: I definitely wouldn’t take the Rob Zacny preview into consideration when assessing this game.

  7. teije says:

    Having spent a day earlier this week stuck in Quebec because of a blizzard, and having enjoyed my brief taste of the game in EA, this is perfect. Although we weren’t anywhere remote like the setting of Kona, we were just east of Quebec City. Tons of beautiful snow up that way.

    • Premium User Badge

      DelrueOfDetroit says:

      As a Saskatchewonian I never understood why the maple leaf was our national symbol.

      And then I went to Quebec City…

  8. grrrz says:

    stupid question maybe, but if the settings and maybe dialogues are important, will there be a true original version in french quebecker (maybe something resembling the way people used to speak there at the time, I hear it’s very different from today)? I’m not speaking about the “international french” version I hear in the trailer (and if there are not this much dialogue or writing, ignore this)
    I mean how they speak in this for exemple (“pour la suite du monde”, Pierre Perrault):

    • Jean-Francois Fiset says:

      Actually, the original version of the game is in French (from Quebec, our studio is in Quebec City) ;)
      Community Manager at Parabole