Vroom! Motorsport Manager free to play for a week

The full version of Motorsport Manager [official site] is free to play until Monday, giving plenty of time to check out Sega’s first foray into being a carboss. Our Adam’s a Football Manager fan and quite enjoyed his time with the PC adapatation of Playsport’s racecar management sim, so you might fancy a crack too.

You can download Motorsport Manager through Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The trial will run until 5pm GMT on Monday, March 27th, as will a 50% discount for those who want it for keepsies. That brings it down to £12.49/17,49€/$17.99.

Here’s a chunk of Wot Adam Thought:

“I’m unlikely to be hooked on Motorsport Manager for the rest of the year, as will be the case with Football Manager, but that’s mostly because I don’t particularly care for real life racing. It’s far from impenetrable if you don’t understand the sport itself though and the pit stops are a more immediately responsive tactical instruction than anything in Football Manager, which gives a good sense of direct control. Success is hard-won, a process of long hours developing headquarters and parts, as well as finding the right staff, but failure can be the result of a momentary loss of control or courage.”

Since launch — and since Adam’s Wot I Think — a fair bit has been added to Motorsport Manager in updates, including a laptop-friendly 2D mode and mod support.

As I look now, the most popular mods include tweaking game systems like weather as well as adding real cars and liveries from real motorsports like Formula 1 and NASCAR. Or you can drive a ’91 Fiat Panda.


  1. Gunsmith says:

    ooo this is excellent timing, since they announced GT racing for it this has been on my radar, now i get to try it before committing.

    • Vurogj says:

      One thing to bear in mind is that the base game only is 50% off, the GT Series DLC is still at it’s regular price (which seems reasonable, it’s been out for less than a month).

  2. Da5e says:

    Oh! Yes please. Can I rename my driver ‘Ayrton Sendup’?

  3. Sp4rkR4t says:

    I really like Motorsport Manager and I’m glad I bought it but after a while it becomes all to clear that underneath the nice interface is a lacking simulation, it all gets very predictable very fast indeed.

  4. Fede says:

    I’d really like to try it but it almost 15 GB. Sadly it would take 2-3 nights to download it, as the connection here is crap and during the day I don’t have much bandwidth to spare.

    Is there a demo anywhere? At least that way it’d be possible to download it at any time, not just this week.

    • Bobtree says:

      The download is only 5.6 GB.

      • Fede says:

        Thanks! You are perfectly right, I shouldn’t have trusted the Steam pop-up. Should be downloaded by tomorrow morning :-)

        • Fede says:

          It’s compelling. There are some quite good novel ideas I liked. The interface is well done, only in few contexts not enough info is available. The game lifted a couple good things from Grand Prix Manager 2 (and a couple not as good ones) but… no sale. Grand Prix Manager 2 is still better. There are a few too many issues for me. A few examples follow.

          Rules issues:
          – Yellow flags are only cosmetic and not implemented (you can overtake in yellow flagged sectors without penalties).
          – The Safety car rules were not implemented correctly. Positions are unfreezed too early: it’s possible to overtake as soon as the SC enters the pits, while in reallity overtakes are allowed only after the beginning of the following lap.

          Realism issues:
          – Slick tyres on a fully soaked track never lead to aquaplaning, the car is simply slower but I’ve never seen accidents. Think of Brazil 2003, Malaysia 2009 or Brazil 2016: drivers can get aquaplaning even on wets in reality, here not even with slicks.
          – The car’s setup is the same for wet and dry conditions, which is not relistic.
          – It’s too easy to make money and find sponsors. Try telling McLaren, which has been without a main sponsor for a few years.

          Gameplay issues:
          – Pit stop refuelling seems inconsistent, it always adds more than the fuel requested. If the pit stop planning interface tells me I’ll have 4.35 laps of fuel in the tank, it’ll be 5.00 laps of fuel by the time the pit stop has been completed. So either the interface or the refuelling istelf don’t work as they should.
          – When a driver asks to stiffen suspensions you usually need to do the opposite. It happened even with drivers with a high Feedback stat (14, 16, 20).
          – Achievments don’t always trigger correctly. For example: “start last and win” was never given to me, even though I did it about 20 times. Or they trigger incorrectly like “win 3 in a row”, which triggered to me with p1 p2+fl p1 p1 (so 3 wins in 4).
          – The standings report incorrectly drive-through penalties: most drivers who had a collision will be marked as having a drive-through penalty, even when none was given.
          – 16 year-old drivers can get “just divorced”.
          – Female drivers are often described as male, for example: “the man”; but the game makes use of the driver’s gender in other pieces of text, so it’s inconsistent.
          – It’s possible to become a rival (in which case the driver refuses to renew as long as the rival is in the team) of an unemployed driver (definitely a bug since you can get the effect only on teammates).
          – Teammates can be dating while both consider the other a rival and refuse to renew the contract as long as the other is in the team.
          – The championship title can be attributed by journalists during interview even though it’s not mathematically certain (I think this bug is caused by neglecting to count bonus points).
          – You’ll receive in-game e-mails with glaring factual mistakes like: “30 pts difference in the standings” when there are 10; or “18 pts differencein the standings” which actually are 56; or “4 races to go” when actually there are 5 left on the calendar).
          – Occasional spelling mistakes (“occassionally”).

          A couple suggestions: make intro videos and all other videos or the camera pan on the circuit skippable. Let players simulate the races; it’s enough to decide the pitstop strategy (with aggression and fuel usage in the stints in between) before the race. It should be possible to save setups or compare them with past races on the same circuit.

  5. EveGrady says:

    Niceee. I want to try it!

  6. Kakrafoon says:

    Hmm. I was expecting something more along the lines of Kairosoft’s Pocket Racing Manager. This seemed almost too dry and technical for me.

  7. HoboDragon says:

    Seriously, I am trying not to read RPS or removing Curator from Steam, but to no success. What happens? Yet another game I didn’t know existed and found interesting and got stuck with. Thanks RPS. Seriously. Stop it. Or I will stop reading this site and remove you as bookmarked curator from my Steam. It’s true! Believe me.
    Dang. Sigh.
    Back to Motorsports.