NCsoft’s MOBA Master X Master adds City of Heroes star

Four years after NCsoft shut down City of Heroes, fans are still announcing new unofficial takes on its superhero MMORPG antics. NCsoft seem to have no plans for a new game of their own but they haven’t entirely forgotten it, as they’ve announced that iconic hero Statesman is coming to their crossover MOBA Master X Master [official site]. It’s not quite the CoH news one might hope for but hey, perhaps a nod is better than oblivion. If you rock yourself to sleep hugging your Statesman body pillow and dreaming of his Fist of Justice, hold on, he’s coming.

This page explains how they’ve converted him to a MOBA character with powers of flight, resilience, lightning, and standing up to a good kicking.

Master X Master, to refresh your memory, is a MOBA where each player picks two characters and can tag between them. Its lineup includes new characters as well as folks from a range of different NCsoft games, including Guild Wars 2, Aion, and, now, City of Heroes.

Sure, it’s no new City of Heroes game, but that’s not what crossovers and cameos are for. Though I am boycotting Marvel movies until they make amends for the Howard the Duck cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy by releasing another Howard movie with more horrifying ducktits (do not click this link, whatever you do).

If you want to feel that Fist of Justice stroking your cheek, you can sign up for the closed beta test that’ll run from April 6th to 27th.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    I really don’t get why they don’t just release the source or something. It’s not like squatting on the dead game makes them any money.

  2. Dreggsao says:

    My guess is, as most MOBAs these days, the thing will be cancelled before officially releasing out of beta.

  3. Muffnar says:

    The funny thing is he was killed off in the CoH universe. So this is why they didn’t sell off the IP after they closed the servers. They are gonna try to milk their loyal fan-base with these abomination spin-offs. Fuck you NCSOFT, I can’t wait to watch this game die like Statesman did.

  4. bramble says:

    I’m shocked that NCsoft thinks they have any good will to exploit from City of Heroes fans that they expect resurrecting Statesman will reel them in. They killed that game before its time and are the villain of the story. To have him appear in another pointless and doomed MOBA is just a further insult.

  5. skorpeyon says:

    Well. That’s one way to make sure I NEVER install this game. Bank on my nostalgia of a game you killed while refusing to release the source to allow ANYONE ELSE to run even a private server? No thanks, I’m good. Release the source code and I’ll be willing to look. Though, based on the company, I’d bet that at this point they don’t even have it anymore.

  6. rochrist says:

    Fuck off, NCSoft.

  7. Xipheas says:

    Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds…