Serial Cleaner sneaks into RPS Cave of Wonders at Rezzed

Serial Cleaner

This week we’ll be taking a closer look at what’s going to be in the RPS Cave of Wonders at Rezzed! Let’s scrub our way through the criminal aftermath in Serial Cleaner!

Perhaps not one for the honest and true amongst you, Serial Cleaner [official site] has you taking on the stealthy lifestyle of a career criminal. Well, a career criminal cleaner-upper, at least!

The idea is that you arrive on the scene of a crime and set about getting rid of evidence, bodies and anything else that might incriminate the perpetrators of these dark deeds. The biggest obstacle to your work is that guards and other people might catch you while you’re tidying.

There are some puzzle elements too – maybe you need to dispose of items in a particular order, or you removing an object will trigger a guard to investigate the area and alter the possible paths you can take around a building. There are also tactical hiding spots in case you need to lie low during your criminal cleanup.

It’s pretty much the opposite of Viscera Cleanup Detail – in that you’re very much ambling towards tidiness while trampling bloody footprints everywhere and knocking buckets over. Here you’re trying to be neat and inconspicuous throughout the whole experience.

EGX Rezzed 2017 runs from 30 March – 1 April at the Tobacco Docks in London (nearest stations are Shadwell and Wapping). You can pick up Rezzed tickets here and don’t forget there’s also the RPS mixer in association with The Signal From Tolva which should be really a lovely and friendly gathering :)


  1. LTK says:

    Cool, so it’s about being the guy who John Wick calls after he’s murdered a score of bad guys and needs his house cleaned up after.

  2. foh says:

    This could be the backstory game of The Wolf in Pulp Fiction we have all been waiting for

  3. Neurotic says:

    That’s what I was thinking.