Bwaaaarp! Death Road to Canada honks out new update

As fun as Death Road to Canada [official site] is, you know what the post-apocalyptic road trip action-RPG has needed? Well, yes, every game needs the CEO of Cold Steel but Death Road has that covered. No, the answer is: more air horn. That’s now covered too. The Ultimate Sports Fan, a rare party member who’ll wildly honk their air horn, arrived along the Death Road with a free update last night. The ‘Brainstem’ update also added new weapons, an NPC who’ll buy your weapons, and more. The game’s on sale now too, at what Rocketcat Games say will be its lowest price ever.

Death Road is my favourite of the recent Oregon Trail ’em ups, doing its own action-RPG thing on those road trip foundations. The quirks of party members build triumphs and failures into bigger stories too. Here, check out Graham’s report from a recent trip.

That strange lineup is expanded in the Brainstem update with the sports fan, who Rocketcat say “constantly spams his or her Custom Limited Edition Sports Air Horn!” That sounds great and terrible. New weapons in the update include a modern spear, a bardiche, a skull hammer, bomb skulls, and the sports fan’s starting weapon, a #1 giant foam hand.

Perhaps the biggest addition, the Weapon Buyer NPC, is something Rocketcat had intentionally skipped before. They say:

“A way to sell extra weapons has been requested for awhile. I didn’t want to do it at first, as I intentionally avoided a selling mechanic for launch. This usually doesn’t do much but introduce tedium, where you loot vacuum everything up to sell later.

“For Death Road, the Weapon Buyer doesn’t just buy anything. So no picking up 100 bones and selling them for a fraction of a can of food. This should prevent the ‘loot-chore’ problem, while giving you more choices.”

Full patch notes are this-a-way.

If you fancy a crack, a 33% discount brings Death Road down to £7.36/10,04€/$10.04 on Steam until Monday. Rocketcat say this is the biggest discount they’ll ever have on the game. “We’re not putting the price lower than this for the PC version due to a combo of Kickstarter promises and continuous updates,” they say. It’s sold on GOG and the Humble Store too but not discount at either right now.


  1. Ghostwise says:

    If there’s a bardiche, I’ll have to consider it. I’m something of a sucker for bardiches. I wouldn’t call it a kink, but, well, *bardiches*.

  2. caff says:

    Such a brilliant gem of a game. Really looking forward to some more failure with this update.

  3. poliovaccine says:

    Yesss! I *just* discovered this awesome game earlier *today.* I don’t really care about the update, I just wanna give it some love.

    That being said, it is a decent idea, the update. I probably just haven’t been playing it long enough to develop an organic desire for such a thing.

  4. ButteringSundays says:

    “We’re not putting the price lower than this for the PC version due to a combo of Kickstarter promises and continuous updates”

    Ever? It’s only 33% off. I have a feeling that committment is coming with a rather large heap of regret. If i know anything about the video games economy in 2017 it’s that not participating in deep sales is quite literally throwing away money.

    Edit: reading again i wonder if what they’re saying isn’t that it’s a committment to previous purchases but that they feel they need to avoid sales because they’re still producing content? In which case file them in the draw labelled ‘devs that don’t understand the economics of sales’.

  5. April March says:

    I just added to my IsThereAnyDeal list. (Surprised it wasn’t there, already. Did it come out of early access recently?) Just made sure not to only be notified at a 34% off or more sale…