Football Manager 2017 free to play this weekend

Oh, Sega, your cunning knows no bounds. Recognising, no doubt, that many football fans are itching for some excitement during the doldrums of an international break, they’ve only gone and made Football Manager 2017 [official site] free for the weekend on Steam. And that weekend starts now, but please don’t miss work or school tomorrow and blame “that man at RPS”. Blame Sega.

Download the game now and you can play with no limitations until 8pm on Sunday (UK time) and even though I don’t think Football Manager is perfect, I guarantee you’ll have more fun than you would watching a World Cup qualifier. Especially if you’re English because let’s face it, if the despair doesn’t end us, the hope just might. Merry Footmas!

There’s a sale to coincide with the free weekend, so if you don’t want to give up your blossoming career as the next David Moyes, you can buy the game at a 50% discount and continue with your save.

“This is the full Football Manager 2017 experience, available to play at no cost for 72 hours from 5:00pm on Thursday, March 23rd until the final whistle blows at 8:00pm on Sunday, March 26th (all UK times). What’s more, for those who decide they want to keep the game, it will be available for a fantastic 50 per cent off SRP throughout the free weekend and for a further 24 hours afterwards (until 8:00pm on Monday, March 27th). Any progress you make in your management career over the course of the free weekend will carry through if you do decide to make the loan deal permanent.”

Plug in the hairdryer, practice your mindgames, and get to it. If you prefer motor engines to feet like traction engines, Motorsport Manager is also free right now. You could spend the weekend down the pub, but why not pretend to be in a high pressure job instead?


  1. warkwark says:

    Something about time-limited (rather than content-limited) demoing really puts me off, and I’ve never participated in one of these free weekends. But then again I cringe whenever a game uses a timer as a key mechanic. I likes to take my time, I does.

    That said, I’m sure this way makes a lot more sense (in several key respects) than a traditional demo.

  2. dsch says:

    Hm, this article just reminded me that FM still exists. I had thousands of hours across 2007-2014, but the increasing samey-ness of the games, the increasingly anti-consumer practices and rhetoric from the Miles Jacobson, and the echo-chamber mentality of the forums is a pretty toxic combination.

  3. Gothnak says:

    I played just under 400 hours of FM2015 in Classic Mode, loved it.. I generally had a good idea why i lost and how to fix it, took Maidenhead to the Premier division in a 20 season campaign and apart from not being able to upgrade the stadium, it was great.

    So i got FM 2017 Touch, and i’m bloody awful at it. I’ve scraped through two years in the conference, all my players are awful, i go on long losing streaks punctuated with minor win streaks. No one any good wants to come to my admittedly terrible team and i’ve ended up resorting to skipping highlights when i know i’m going to lose.

    I have no idea what changed between the two games, but i really don’t know what i’m doing wrong. After 27 hours, you’d think i’d have a clue…

  4. Xipheas says:

    Once I found that you could look up a formation on the net and it was a guaranteed win every time, the magic disappeared.

    • Coming Second says:

      I mean, you could not cheat.

    • Captain Narol says:

      I’m 382 hours in FM2017 and I seriously doubt there is any formation that gives you a guaranteed win everytime.

      Rule Number One of Internet : Don’t believe everything you read on the net and test stuff by yourself.

  5. Chorltonwheelie says:

    I hate International weekends. In fact, as an Englishman, I F’in hate Ingerlund and their cretinous followers.
    I’m going to play this and listen to the splendid Athletico Mince podcast instead.

  6. Boult Upright says:

    Whilst I am sure all subsequent updates have been fine in their own way, nothing will perhaps ever surpass the 01/02 release. Forest Green to Europe, then Birkhamsted Town to Europe, then Purfleet to Europe and then Clevedon Town to immortality. Liverpool were in (then Division 2) by that stage.

  7. c-Row says:

    I wish I could participate, but FM2017 isn’t available on Steam here… *cries in German*

  8. byjimini says:

    Ah, wonderful. I’ve clocked up 2476 hours with Football Manager 15, downloaded this last night. So far my tried and trusted 4-4-2 “just fucking run about a bit” tactic is working well with Fulham.