Dark Souls 3 prepares for the end in Ringed City trailer

This is nearly the end, one of my few friends, nearly the end. Tuesday will bring the launch of The Ringed City, the final DLC for Dark Souls 3 [official site], the final Dark Souls game. I can forgive publishers Bandai Namco for slinging out The Ringed City’s launch trailer four days early because heck, what a run it’s been. In a series about the endless ends of the worlds, this last one’s sure to be a biggun. Spoilers follow, obvs.

A new patch is out today too, paving the way to The Ringed City.

And since you’re evidently in here, curious to peek at the end, I may as well repeat the blurb about what’s in this DLC:

“At the close of the Age of Fire, as the world ends and all lands converge upon themselves, a lone adventurer descends into the madness of the earth and uncovers the secrets of the past. As players make their way to the fabled Ringed City they will encounter ancient beasts, a new cast of characters teetering on the edge of insanity, new armor, weapons, magic, and at the bottom of it all, a long lost city filled with new horrors for players to overcome.”

You can see some of those weapons and abilities in the trailer. I am hugely into the shield so huge it looks like a door and can shove back hordes of enemies. Bandai Namco have some new spoilersome screenshots too.

Tuesday, March 28th is the big day. The end. It’ll cost £11.99/14,99€/$14.99 on Steam by itself and is also sold with the other DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, in the Season Pass for £19.99/24,99€/$24.99.

Today is merely almost the end. Today’s patch brings bug fixes, two new Undead Match maps, and a good number of balance tweaks. Ultra Greatswords, Great Hammers, and Curved Great Swords in particular get some tidy little buffs. Why not strike your final blow of Dark Souls with a sword bigger than yourself?


  1. HothMonster says:

    Looks sweet. I sure hope it answers more questions than it poses.

  2. GameCat says:

    Can’t wait for boxed GOTY version.

  3. Chaoslord AJ says:

    I don’t think it’s one of those series where every strange turn will be explained in the end. Those aren’t necessarily the best.
    Just hoping for some kind of closure and epicness.
    There’ll be a couple of DS loremasters who will spin interesting but unproven theories about what happened in the end.

    • Vandelay says:

      This is sounding so much more final than I was expecting though. I’m playing the last piece of DLC right now and it is another (great) slice of Dark Souls, but doesn’t particularly seem to be offering much greater narrative and is just telling you the story of that location, rather than of the Dark Souls world (perhaps that will change or I am missing something so far.)

      The description above sounds like it will be something quite different. We will certainly be exploring some more areas that are familiar to us and sounds like there will be a stronger narrative thread throughout.

      Do we know where this DLC will be accessible from? If it takes place in the middle of the game, I’m not sure how final it can be.

      • Seafoam says:

        Well the Ariandel DLC isn’t necessarily only about that specific location, think of it as… an allegory to the world outside, you know like a painting.

        To remake the painting, to make a new world. The painter girl needs pigment like the dark soul of man.

        Since in this DLC you’re supposed to be searching for that dark soul of man, it could be that you’re trying to bring the new world to be, not the “end” (if that makes any damn sense).

  4. Unsheep says:

    Meh, for me the storyline in this series is just a re-hash of Demon’s Souls, which was itself a rehash of a common Anime theme. I don’t get why so many people think this is unique, have they really this little awareness of things ?

    • sansenoy says:

      anime FTW BRO!!! allright lets get pumped for more waifubashing loudspeaker nonsense that is FROMSOFT games, thweyre so kawaii LARGE EMOTICON

    • DudeshootMankill says:

      Your knowledge of japanese cartoons is unrivalled.

    • lylebot says:

      I don’t think many people have said the storyline is unique? What’s unique about Dark/Demon’s Souls is how little attention they draw to their storyline, and how the gameplay actually ties into the story rather than being a completely separate thing from the string of cutscenes most games in this genre call a “story”.

    • DantronLesotho says:

      I have a pretty decent knowledge of anime and its themes, and I think the Dark Souls series, while pulling influences from other things, really strikes out on its own. I think it’s very much its own thing, unless you try to reduce its elements down to something resembling the broadness of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

  5. goodpoints says:

    Sigh. It’s totally the comically large great/ultra weapons that need buffs and not reasonable stuff like 1H Axes, Hammers, and Spears that are still rather useless.

    I mean, Axes do the same amount of poise damage as Straight Swords. Cmon From, put on some armor and get someone to wack you with a longsword and a battle axe and see which one you feel more. Also, most weapons in each class still all have identical poise dmg. I really liked the variety of poise dmg ratings in DS2, there weren’t many useless weapons like there are in DS3. e.g. a DS2 Battle Axe did more Poise dmg than a Hand Axe; and generally the heavier the weapon, the more poise dmg it did.

  6. Jenuall says:

    I’ve only recently picked up DS3 and haven’t played any of the others but so far there doesn’t really seem to be much in the at of an actual story anyway, let alone one that I’d be concerned about wrapping up?

    • KaiUno says:

      Just because there’s hardly any exposition or big info dumps to be had, doesn’t mean there isn’t a narrative to explore. It’s just hidden in the item descriptions and brought to the player with environmental storytelling.

      Still doesn’t make it clear, because it’s mostly a few hint here and there for the player to build their own head canon around.

      I like other folks talking about it (like Gary and Ross from Bonfireside Chat podcast for example), they point out the stuff I miss because I’m just trying to survive. I’m more in it for the gampelay anyway.