The Dream Machine ending with Chapter 6 in May

The sixth and final chapter of gorgeous handcrafted adventure game The Dream Machine [official site] will arrive on May 11th, developers Cockroach have announced – six-and-a-half years after the series started. Oh the wait has been long but the games have been more than worth it. The Dream Machine’s the story of a husband and wife who move into an apartment and soon discover a mysterious machine is surveilling and messing with residents’ dreams. It’s well-written and a treat to look at, built from clay and cardboard. Here, have a peek at Chapter 6’s workshop in this trailer:

Yeah, the news is a few weeks old, but that hardly matters on the timescale of The Dream Machine. When John told us Wot He Thought of Chapter 5 in 2014, he said:

“The series was extended to six chapters earlier on, and the set-up for the final entry is superb – I’m dying to know what it’s going to be like, now knowing what it’s about. Whether I’ll remember that when it eventually appears (once more described as “a slew of months”) I’m not sure, but I’m hoping it will be before 2015 is through. Meanwhile, chapter 5 is an excellent entry in a really wonderful game series.”

2015! Bless your heart.

May 11th it is. Yes, you will still get Chapter 6 ‘free’ if you bought The Dream Machine back when it was meant to be five chapters.

If you’ve not played The Dream machine, do have a look. A demo is on the game’s site and Steam too.


  1. RuySan says:

    People are usually to nostalgic of the classics to use this kind of hyperbolic statements, but I don’t care. Dream Machine is right now my favourite point and click adventure game of all time, and if you think Grim Fandango or Monkey Island 1 is better than this you’re an idiot. Sorry

    • noodlecake says:

      There are a lot of modern adventure games that I prefer to the “classics”. I think they tend to be lauded more for being groundbreaking at the time, and for still being fun now (although I would beg to differ with Grim Fandango!).

      I enjoyed Oxenfree, Tales from the Borderlands and most Wadjert Eye games and Kathy Rain more than any of the classics. There are probably other games I can’t think of off’ve the top of my head

      • RuySan says:

        The Book of Unwritten Tales, Primordia, Technobabylon, The Whispered World, Memoria, The Chains of the Satinav, Life Is Strange, Resonance, Machninarium, Ben There Dan That, Time Gentlemen Please! and many other Not Called Broken Age (still sore with that one) that measure up favourable and even surpass the classics.

        Adventure gaming is the one most tainted with rose tinted glasses.

        • Premium User Badge

          Risingson says:

          Absolutely agree. Among my group of friends we use to say that NOW it is the golden age of the genre.

          And let me say the “but actually” here. But actually if you replay Indy Atlantis you will see how polished it already is, except for the awful action sequences. The puzzle design is incredibly detailed.

          Having said that, The Dream Machine. I liked its first two episodes, but I found the third one very unpolished and buggy. Does it improve in the following ones?

          • RuySan says:

            If i remember correctly, the third episode is the one on the boat which i found to be the weakest (or least good) even though i didn’t found any bugs. After that it just gets better and better. The ending of chapter 5 is so good that making me wait so much for the last chapter is pure cruelty.

            EDIT: Some classic games still hold up today certainly. I have a soft spot for loom for having such an unique gameplay. I didn’t like Broken Sword that much in 96, but I find nowadays that it holds up better than Monkey Island 1 for example.

  2. Seyda Neen says:

    Yes! I think I’ll have to replay the whole thing before Chapter 6 because there is a lot I don’t remember, including whatever John is talking about in that blip.

  3. liquidsoap89 says: