Ink dev’s ball-kicking platformer HackyZack released

Jumping is so easy, even a hedgehog can do it. Jumping around an obstacle course while also kicking a ball is tricker. But it does look looks great fun in HackyZack [official site], a platformer about dashing and wall-jumping around while kicking a ball to hit points and reach a goal across increasingly complex levels. Wait, hang on, I’ve got this: Super Meat Ball. Kick-upforce. BBBBBB. No? Here, have a look in this trailer:

That’s nice, that.

Developers Spaceboy Games say HackyZack has over 100 levels to kick through, and I’m seeing some clever tricks with different types of ball. I look forward to exploring some of those balltricks when I can kick my to-do list into shape. It’s got unlockable characters and time trial challenge levels too.

You might remember Spaceboy co-founder Zack Bell for Ink, his splat-happy 2015 platformer where players can’t see even levels until they paint them by moving (and dying).

HackyZack is £6.29/8,99€/$8.99 on Steam and, in Britbucks at least, a little more on the Humble Store. That is a bit funny considering HackyZack is one of the first ‘Presented by Humble Bundle’ games, the store’s own publishing label. Hey ho!


  1. ropeladder says:

    Hey, it’s Arcade Volleyball!

  2. cloudnein says:

    Holy sh*t, a mashup of platformer and breakout? Brilliant!

    Is this the first instance of such a mashup?

  3. Person of Interest says:

    The ball impact effect looks like gratuitous screen shake combined with screen tearing. I sure hope there’s a settings toggle for that…

    • PseudoKnight says:

      Same. It’s distracting. I don’t know if I’d get used to it or tire of the game quickly because of it. Some people are sensitive to aggressive full screen effects and camera shaking. Not something you want to gamble with.

    • zelgaris says:

      Yes, you can switch both off in options.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Waltorious says:

    “Wait, hang on, I’ve got this: Super Meat Ball. Kick-upforce. BBBBBB. No?”

    Oh man, a gravity-flipping basketball game called BBBBBBall, someone make this happen.

  5. Premium User Badge

    MajorLag says:

    This looks intriguing for its puzzle elements, but at the same time, too hard for me to bother with. Like Super Meat Boy, I can appreciate what it’s doing, but I know I’ll never put enough time into it to get more than a fraction of the way through.