Geneshift is a homage to GTA with mutant multiplayer

Before Grand Theft Auto became a slightly-overwhelming bizarro vision of the American Dream, it was a chaotic, meaningless romp from the top-down. Geneshift [official site] seems to want to recreate that chaos. But with up to 32 people and a big old skill tree. I don’t know if that’s a mad idea or a brilliant idea, but it’s definitely something. You can see it in action down there.

Looks a bit wild. It’s “a top-down shooter with vehicles and mutant powers,” says developer Ben Johnson, “a bit like GTA2 with the abilities of DOTA2.” There’s multiplayer murder in the form of various 16 v 16 combat modes, and a 4 player co-op campaign. Skills include force fields, invisibility, and “plasma balls”. Cars let you race away, do drive-by shootings, or place and detonate car bombs.

It’s entering Steam early access on April 27 and it looks like there’s a demo on the official site but you may have to create an account to play. I don’t know how it handles but it sounds about as videogamey as videogames get. I knew you’d be interested. Unless you’re not, in which case, BOG OFF.


  1. tbs says:

    This looks great.

    I have very fond memories of multiplayer sessions in the original GTA 1 and 2. Your goal was, I think, to score points, playing the game as usual; or killing each other.

    I played over a null cable on two laptops generally. Lots of laughs.

  2. wrycon says:

    Same. GTA1 came out my freshman year in college and played via LAN against friends. Solidified my love for the series. GTA2 is one of my favorite games of all time. Very excited for this. Looks to be right up my alley.

  3. Michael Fogg says:

    Somehow looks even blockier than GTA2. And does it have the actual open city? Or a song called ‘Taxi Drivers Must Die’?

  4. Paranoid says:

    Great to see Subvein/Mutant Factions/Geneshift finally making it to steam after such a labor of love by the creator to make this game everything it can be. Bring on the end of the month!

  5. Kirasath says:

    Looks like someone really likes GTA and Crimsonland to me :D

    Not complaining, i am one of the people who loved both haha.