Groot news: Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

The Guardians of the Galaxy [official site] adventure that Telltale are tale-telling has revealed itself to us in the form of a trailer for the opening episode, due to come out this April. All the boyos and girlos are there. Starman, Racoon King, Treebeard, Woman Who Is Green, and everyone’s favourite source of taking-things-literally humour: Dracks. I’m a big fan of the Guardians. Come and enjoy the trailer with me below.

Japes and antics abound, eh. The first episode is called Tangled Up in Blue and kicks off a story about the Grauniads finding a powerful artifact and needing to keep it from the grasp of big bad universe man, Than Os. In other words, it is almost every comic book you have already read. Why Telltale didn’t maroon them on an Earth-tech-level planet and force them to run a nightclub in order to stay alive from day to day, or some other silly concept, I do not know. It would probably not have enough action. Anyway, the cast has previously been announced and includes Nolan North as… Racoon King!? Weird.

The first episode is due out April 18th, with a total of five episodes in the season.



  1. dangermouse76 says:

    So are likeness rights a thing here, or do they always change up the look of the characters ?

    Edit: Or maybe they look like the comic book characters ….after checking.
    Nothing to see here move on.

    Oh look over there it’s Elvis…………….

  2. Premium User Badge

    Don Reba says:

    Slow elevators! That’s a GOTY right there.

  3. Suits says:

    And the same in-house voice actors as the other Telltale games? Takes me right out of it.

    • mujie says:

      I assume you get taken out of Marvel movies too then since Nick Fury is played by Mace Windu? ;)

      They’re using the same voice actors. How does that take you out of it? It’s not the movie.

  4. Mallobaude says:

    I wonder if Brendan knew that groot means big in Dutch… If not then that makes this headline a clear contender of accidental pun of the week