Reigns update adds 100 cards, including fake elephant

“Game Of Thrones + Tinder = You Died,” Alec declared when he told us Wot He Thought of left-right-swiping monarch simulator Reigns [official site]. He enjoyed it, y’see, though I don’t know whether he engaged in intercourse with his PC or… I don’t know how this all works. Whatever he does, he (and you) can now do more of it, as a free update has added over 100 new cards, including new deaths and not an elephant.

Those 100-odd new cards include one new character, three new deaths, five new objectives, and one fake elephant, according to the patch notes. They also note that Reigns should now be “slightly less repetitive” and the main plot “slightly easier to solve.”

Today’s update also added an option to reset the game by holding R for five seconds.

Let’s go back for more words from Alec after his time swiping left and right to make binary big decisions affecting his kingdom:

“First time or two around, perhaps like me you’ll be an idealist, striving to do whatever’s best. One library too many, or one too many refusals to let the army stamp out any rebellion, and it’s game over. My moral conscience eroded steadily over time, as my focus shifted to keeping the plates spinning. The bigger picture and all that: what#s the point in being a good king if I’m too dead to do any good?

“So the moral drift is inevitable, my interest no longer in trying to help the poor starving peasants but instead trying to keep my head on my shoulders, and my shoulders out of the dungeons, and the dungeons not taken over by raging warriors from the East, and so on. A reign is usually brief, but the longer you can live, the more blackly comic stories you’ll see unfurl, the more characters you’ll meet and even the more cards you’ll add to your deck.”

Reigns is £1.99/2,99€/$2.99 on Steam and GOG buuut Alec did ultimately recommend you get it on its home format, the pocket telephone, if you can. This update is in pockets today too.

If you dig it, hey, Devolver have popped out a wee documentary visiting developers Nerial in glamorous Catford.


  1. Shazbut says:

    Never could figure my way out of the Pungeon, or understand how the combat worked

  2. skeletortoise says:

    Glad to hear this. Given the paltry sum I paid for it, I don’t take any issue with the game and largely enjoyed it, but I couldn’t help feeling like it was falling way short of it’s potential. A big part of that was spending probably 50% of your time swiping through things which you’d seen just two minutes earlier.

    I would kind of like to see a different version of this game that’s a little more complex with branching narratives based on relationships/factions, rather than just trying to optimize four numbers.

    • blur says:

      I think in that case, you’re probably looking for King of Dragon Pass (though I haven’t played it myself).

  3. Jalan says:

    “Slightly less repetitive” has me intrigued. As much as I enjoy the game, it got old fast when cycling through the same scenarios constantly (and deliberately doing the opposite just to try and keep it fresh).

    I’ve never played the mobile version of it but it did always seem like it would be more tolerable in that form, since as a player you can just do a few cards and then switch it off. With the PC version, my mentality as a player kicks in and it’s always “I MUST see this through”.

  4. Gomer_Pyle says:

    I picked this up a while ago (on my phone) based on Alec’s review, and I really enjoyed it, though I was never able to finish the main plot. Now I think I’ll be giving it another crack.