Outcast overhaul delayed into autumn

Outcast – Second Contact, the remake of 1999’s open-world sci-fi shooter, is delayed again. It’s now due some time in the autumn, according to a new trailer giving a peek at the modernised adventures of Cutter Slade. Have a peek:

Outcast – Second Contact, which is not at all a sequel despite what the name might confusingly suggest, was previously due in March – the month ending this very day. But hey, it’s been a long wait so a little longer barely registers. Some folks who worked on the original game failed to crowdfund it in 2014 but kept going, and in 2015 reformed their studio under the original name of Appeal.

To refresh your memory, Outcast is an open-world action-adventure which is… a bit of a proto-Metal Gear Solid V or Far Cry 3? Let’s say that. That’s the sort of wild claim I should make more often. So! On an alien world in another universe, former US Navy Seal Cutter Slade (actual name) roams and sneaks around, helping friendly aliens while undermining the enemy’s operations. It was one of a few games presenting an exciting glimpse at the voxel-driven future that was already being stomped out by 3D accelerators pumping polygons at prolific pace. It is, I am obligated to say, the 57th PC game of all time.

A less-dramatic overhaul of Outcast arrived in 2014, named Outcast 1.1. You can find that on Steam and GOG for about £5, and GOG throw in the original version too.

Poor Cutter Slade can’t catch a break. If only his parents had named him Geoffrey, for example, he might not have endured a lifetime of mockery that pushed him to leave our universe entirely.


  1. Gothnak says:

    ‘That’s no small moon… Oh, wait a mo, yes it is…’

  2. haldolium says:

    This looks quite amazing and seems to transport the atmosphere of the original perfect into modern day tech.

    • Jay Load says:

      Show me the world-scanning effect when you first map a region. If that’s not there, I’m out.

      (Not really, but I’ll boo mightily)

      • haldolium says:

        Oh yes, that was so awesome it was a bit sad that it only occured once per area.

        I hope they stay true in the regard of the originals interface appearance/sound design. Although from the usability point, it could be enhanced quite a bit in inventory management, logs etc.

  3. MOKKA says:

    The game looks like someone took the original and tightly wrapped it into a shiny plastic foil. Which doesn’t make it look modern, but like someone took an old, strangely looking action Adventure and wrapped it into plastic.

    I really don’t know what purpose this remade version serves. Most of what made the game unique mechanically is now pretty much standard videogame stuff and now they also completely got rid of the unique visuals.

  4. Chentzilla says:

    The landscape wasn’t actually voxel. It’s a common misconception. Said Franck Sauer: “We’ve all misused the term voxel for what actually is just an height field with some software raycasting”.

  5. Seafoam says:

    Random thought: What if you added Outkast into Outcast? What would the game be like, and how goddamn cool it would be?

  6. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    Cutter Slade doesn’t quite look like himself (link to giantbomb.com). Too much hair and not enough years… kinda off-brand Nathan Drake (he’s supposed to be more of a 90s Bruce Willis). Otherwise looks really cool. If it gets more people to appreciate this criminally underrated gem of a game, all the better!

  7. Kaeoschassis says:

    Man, I always thought Outcast was pretty good, but it looks even better now I know it was only the 57th PC game. Amazing what they did in such a short time!

  8. criskywalker says:

    This remake looks beautiful!
    It’s incredible how far ahead of its time the original was.

  9. notcurry says:

    Looks neat, but did they really need to keep the Motazaar platforming bit in?

  10. Mandrake42 says:

    I really enjoyed this back in the day. It was always a shame that it was something of a cult classic, mostly due to the whole voxel thing being pretty processor intense at the time and also for it not taking advantage of peoples shiny new 3D cars. Still, I always thought it looked and sounded fantastic regardless and hope that it finds a larger audience this time around.