PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patches start dropping in

Launching a multiplayer Battle Royale ’em up into early access is one thing but actually finishing it is quite another, one the genre’s leaders have struggled with. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [official site] has done well with the initial launch, rocketing to the top of the Steam charts last week and comfortably becoming one of Steam’s most-played games — even if our Brendan didn’t dig it. And from here? The developers have laid out their plans for patches, which include daily and weekly fixes and monthly content updates. And yes, they are working on improving performance.

The eponymous PlayerUnknown, creator Brendan Greene, laid out the plan:

During Early Access, we plan to release updates in 3 phases.

  • Daily updates, to improve server performance
  • Weekly updates, to push bug fixes & client performance and stability fixes
  • Monthly updates, to add new content and push balance passes for game-play

Greene also laid out a tentative roadmap for improving performance. It will take time and multiple patches, he says, but some improvements might be felt in an update expected next Friday, April 7th.

Patching has already started, with an update yesterday adding servers in Oceania and South America, fixing a number of client and server crashes, and squishing some other bugs.

The official word, as per its Steam page, is still that “We don’t expect Early Access to last longer than six months.” Battle Royale devs always start out optimistic but… we’ll see.

Brendan’s problem with Battlegrounds, to be clear, is that it’s mostly another implementation of the same Hunger Royale ideas seen in several other games, when he’d have preferred something fresher. It’s same-y partially because Greene helped get this whole Battle Royale thing rolling with Arma mods then worked on one of the biggest commercial standalones, H1Z1: King of the Kill, and clearly he wants to do it right under his own name. Evidently plenty of players do want Battle Games done in a slightly different (and better) way, and for that Battlegrounds does seem to be a good candidate. And, of course, small differences are big to fans of a genre.


  1. DThor says:

    Going to keep my eye on this – I think it’s a valid concept to have a product focused on the BR concept that people can rally under, rather than “oh yeah if you happen to own XX it has a BR mode if there’s enough people online.” Going to wait until it’s finished, though.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      “Going to wait until it’s finished, though.”

      I’d worry that the novelty will pass and the community will dwindle over time. So few large scale online games can avoid that.

      The time to play a game like this is as soon as you can.

      Of course that may be part of why you’d want to wait.

  2. BobbyDylan says:

    So, If I buy this, wont it be Bobbydylan’s Battlegrounds?

  3. Caderonnan says:

    Ever since this Patch came out, if i join a game i can jump out of the plane…. but 2-3 seconds after that my game crashes. i have tried changing all the settings. it does not help, anyone having the same issues? this was not happening post patch.

    • SGT_Bushwookie says:

      Rightclick your battlegrounds in steam and go to properties then click on launch options and type this in -USEALLAVAILBLECORES -malloc=system
      I dont know if it will fix your problem but it will raise your games performance and i stopped lagging/crashing as much after i did this.

  4. theirongiant says:

    “it’s mostly another implementation of the same Hunger Royale ideas seen in several other games”

    Are there more than two others? Only H1Z1:KotK and The Culling spring to mind.

    • badmothergamer says:

      Probably counting the Arma 2 and Arma 3 BR mods, even though those were free.

      • Silent_Thunder says:

        And again it must be mentioned that both arma mods and the H1Z1 mode were made by PlayerUnknown. There’s a reason he put his name on the title, it’s because the community for that game recognizes him as “that dude wot made the mod versions”.

        Infact PLAYERUNKOWN’s TITLE HERE has been the style he’s named the mods before, so as dumb as the name is, it’s sorta the branding now.

    • x50xTowel says:

      Arks survival of the fittest and I don’t remember but I think Rust had a mod close to this